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Can a druidess with the power of visions be blind to love?

Weapons Master Kanyth Skaraven has always found favor with the ladies, until he meets Perrin Thomas. Though the fairy-like druid descendant seemed fated for him, he finds himself torn in two directions. His unique power with the forge is something he must keep under tight control—a control that slips when Perrin is near.

Dancer Perrin Thomas can’t find her purpose in medieval Scotland. While her fellow women from the future work to aid the highlanders, Perrin’s visions have vanished. Without her gift she struggles to help and is at a complete loss when it comes to the gorgeous Weapons Master. It’s obvious that he can barely stand to be near her despite her inexplicable longing for him.

But as the deadly attacks of the mad druids and their giants escalate to a fever pitch, Perrin and Kanyth must master their deepest fears as well as their desires.

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

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    Kanyth Reviews

  • Alison

    By Hazel Hunter (Immortal Highlander, Clan Skarven Book 4): A Scottish Time Travel Romance Kanyth Skaraven is weapons master to clan Skaraven and he has never had a hard time with the ladies until he ...

  • Sasha Roule

    A Clutcher! A Masterpiece too good to put down!Ms. Hunter has once again had me clutching my Kindle in a death grip from start to finish. This book like every book I've read written by Ms. Hunter has ...

  • SassafrasfromAmazon

    4.5 starsAll of the author's immortal highlander series, including Clan Skaraven, are thrilling, suspenseful, steeped in mysticism and druid spells and such goings on. Women from the 21st century are ...

  • Elodie?s Reading Corner

    I do not know why but I was not trilled by this one!So why was I not sucked in this story?There are still hot immortal highlanders with a painful past, kidnapped women from the future with strange gif...

  • Sue Me

    It never ceases to amaze me how Hazel Hunter can create with words on paper a story that comes alive as I read it. She continues to educate me on the ways and words used by these ancient peoples: Prit...

  • Diane Mankin

    Best yet!I have become a devoted reader of Hazel Hunter's Immortal Highlander, Clan Skaraven series. Each one has been exciting, intense, riveting, and super sexy. This one, book 4, is about the 14th-...

  • JJ

    Perrin had always depended on her younger sister to help her through life but things changed when she fell through time ... two-thousand years! Torture, starvation and the shift left her void. The spe...

  • JodyL

    Seeing the future helps save many livesThis book has plenty of exciting things happening. I am in love with these tough Highlander men and their tough but tender hearts. I know we only have one more d...

  • Pam Louis

    Perrin Thomas along with a few other women were take from the future and dragged back to the 14th century by two crazy druids, Hendry, Murdina and their Famhairean. She and the other women was saved a...

  • Nicoletta Tsalafaos

    Kanyth (Immortal Highlander, Clan Skaraven Book 4): A Scottish Time Travel Romance by Hazel Hunter is an Ancient World, Time Travel, Historical Romance. Perrin Thomas, a Prima-ballerina in the 21st ce...