The Reunion

The Reunion

An elite prep school frozen in the snow
Three friends linked by a tragic secret
One girl taken by the night

The French Riviera – 25 years ago
One freezing night, as her campus is paralyzed by a snowstorm, 19-year-old Vinca Rockwell, the most beautiful and glamorous girl at her prep school, runs away with her philosophy teacher, with whom she has been conducting a secret affair.

She will never be seen again.

The French Riviera – present day
Once inseparable, Thomas, Maxime, and Fanny—Vinca’s best friends— have not spoken since graduation. But when they receive a notice from their old school, detailing plans for a new gymnasium and inviting them to come to a class reunion, they know they must go back one more time. Because there is a body buried in the gym’s walls…and they’re the ones who put it there.

What really happened that long-ago winter night? Now nothing stands in the way of the truth.

From France’s #1 bestselling author, Guillaume Musso, The Reunion is a taut and suspenseful thriller that will keep readers riveted until its haunting final page.

Title:The Reunion
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    The Reunion Reviews

  • SueLucie

    I was expecting more from this, especially as it would appear to be such a big hit in France. I expected something more ‘noir’ in the Gallic tradition but found it a tad pedestrian. The writing es...

  • Liz Barnsley

    An intriguing past present novel with a school at its centre which always appeals to me, I read this fast, engaged with the characters and setting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Full review to follow for ...

  • Susan

    To be honest, I found this something of a disappointment. Set in 2017, with flashbacks to 1992, the story concerns four friends, who haven’t spoken for twenty five years - Thomas, Maxime, Fanny and ...

  • Dash fan

    4☆ Dark, Twisty, Suspenseful Thriller!THE REUNION is a twisty, suspense thriller.How many of us would consider going to a school reunion?I know I certainly wouldn't.But what didn't attend t...

  • Melissa

    I love Guillaume Musso's books so much, that when I saw that he was publishing one in the US, I jumped on it! Only, I didn't know that it was a translation, I thought it was an original one, written i...

  • Eva

    School reunions. Personally, I’ve never attended one because I’ve never quite understood the appeal of them. But Thomas has little choice in the matter. During the reunion, the school is set to an...

  • Liz

    Well that was a nice surprise! What a great read!!! The Reunion takes place in the French Riviera at a prominent international school that over looks the Mediterranean. The story alternates between th...

  • MarjorieBrd

    god, Musso always does this to me. Every single time, you start reading one of his books and you're like "yeah, not bad" and them bAM, there, here is 7 plot twists in a row for you, enjoy. "Le mâle b...

  • Mellisa

    Personally this book didn't really grip me. It took me longer than usual to finish and there was so many extra characters alongside the main ones I had no idea who was who by the end (apart from the m...

  • Evi

    This book has become a disappointment for me. Too many plot twists, irrational behaviours from every character. It was promising at first, I like this kinda storytelling, but when I finished... I felt...