The Other Side of Hell 3

The Other Side of Hell 3


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The Other Side of Hell 3 holds 17 more stories of true crime murder committed by men. The first 10 stories take place in the US. The first two stories take place in Gaffney, South Carolina and features two serial killers terrorizing the town 40 years apart. Lee Roy Martin in 1968 and Patrick Burris in 2008. Chapter 3 is the story of Darren Mack. It is the story of a very successful man in Reno, Nevada who had it all but comes unglued during a nasty divorce. The next three stories focus on family annihilators. The stories of John Yowell, Seth Privacky and Joshua Durcho are all vastly different from each other but the end result was the same - the destruction of three families. Chapter 7 is the story of Professor George Zinkhan III. Why did a much celebrated professor turn to murder? Denise Huber was missing for three years - a victim of the Cold Storage Killer. Her story is told in Chapter 8. We go to Virginia Beach for a mass murder at the Witchduck Inn in Chapter 9. A story of murder and forgiveness is told in the Whitaker Family Murders in Chapter 10. The next six stories take place in the UK. Donald Neilson aka the Black Panther is the focus of Chapter 11. The story of the Stockwell Strangler is told in Chapter 12. The Bullseye Killer features serial killer John Cooper who appeared on the British gameshow Bullseye in 1989 - the same year that he committed a brutal double murder. Archibald Hall aka Roy Fontaine is known as the killer butler. This serial killer didn't start killing until he was 53 years old. The story of Mark Martin is told in the Sneinton Strangler in Chapter 15. The last chapter in the UK section tells the story of Anthony Hardy who became known as the Camden Ripper. The final chapter is titled Murder in Tisdale - a tragic mass murder in Saskatchewan, Canada. The last section of the book features 10 stories that we are working on for the next couple of books. It includes short outlines of the crimes and some excerpts from the stories that we are working on.

Title:The Other Side of Hell 3
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    As a fan of true crime stories, I have read many accounts of various crimes and the writing has been variable, sometimes mind blowing brilliant, sometimes head shaking dreadful. This is a good antholo...

  • Beth Shuler

    Never disappointingAs always once again Les has done it again. I love this author for so many reasons but his main ones to me are his amazing talent and also because most times I can count on reading ...

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    Good true crime anthologiesThe 17 cases presented in this book span the globe and eras of time. These authors have several series of books and they are all pretty good. They generally have color photo...

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    Great true crime authorThe author covers a lot of ground in this book. In addition to the 17 true crime stories from the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, there are excerpts from future books. If you like t...

  • felechia hall

    True crime=True horror As with the other books in this series i am absolutely horrified at the violence exhibited by these perpetrators and the delight some of these weirdos seem to get from the angui...