The Theos

The Theos


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Some secrets prefer to stay buried.

When Dean’s closest ally is kidnapped by an ancient race, his grief threatens to turn to madness. With the support of his friends, he embarks on a mission to get his loved one back, and stop the eventual destruction of the known Universe.

But Dean can’t do it without solving an age-old mystery. He must find the real Theos this time, and he’ll stop at nothing to accomplish that.

Join the Survivors as they battle for every race in existence.

The Theos is a tale of love, adventure, deception, and above all else: surviving.

Title:The Theos
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    The Theos Reviews

  • 19GoddenH

    I really enjoyed this book. It’s number five of the series and I think you do have to read the before books as it’s all about what has happened before and how Dean and his friends have made it to ...

  • Julie Powell

    I have the first box set of this series and book five is certainly imaginative.It's well-written with good characters and full of adventure. The idea of the Theos is intriguing.Dean seems to be the o...

  • Jim

    Last time with left Dean Parker in pretty bad shape. His wife, Mary, had been taken over by the Iskios, an evil alien ancient civilization that lived only to destroy others. Their essence was forever ...

  • Geoff Parker

    The Theos is the explosive next book in the continuing saga of the Survivors. The earth is gone, traded to the aliens for peace. Dean Parker and Mary have become Gatekeepers and are exploring worlds u...

  • odedo1

    After all the time which have passed since I’ve listened to audiobook four while reviewing many other audiobooks I was worried that I won’t exactly remember the story or how the last book ended bu...

  • Mike Nemeth

    Dean Parker unleashed supreme evil in the previous installment. And in "The Theos," Nathan Hystad's fifth installment of the Survivors, he stops at nothing to prevent the chaos he and Mary unleashed b...

  • Susan Strauss

    I'm not going to review each and every of the 18, so far, books in this series because it would be exhausting. Suffice it to say, as I just this morning told my son, to have the talent to write a seri...

  • Ralph

    This is book #5 of the Survivors series and I have gotten used to the fact that this is more about adventure than science. Our "Heroes of Earth" are facing the ultimate good-versus-evil conflict in th...

  • Mekerei

    This is the fifth book of Dean and his adventures. Once more he is "saving" the universe.This is more adventure than science, cos Dean always seems to have some new gadget.I think I'm almost done, fiv...

  • Olsen Charlton

    Amazing books, read all 5 looking forward to the next (No. 6) This author Nathan Hystad's imagination is unbelievable it's as if he's been on all the journeys out in space. I had to smile @ some of th...