Crisis Counseling

Crisis Counseling

Ministers-both clergy and lay-are often the first recourse for people in crisis, and people expect them to navigate through emergency, tragedy, disaster, loss. Often these persons are paralyzed and they expect help to get in motion again. Crisis Counseling is written for persons who seek to provide such assistance, whether as ministers or hotline volunteers or pastoral counselors. Here, Howard W. Stone unites the historic skills of pastoral care and counseling with the recent methods of crisis intervention from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy. The insights of marriage and family systems also have been incorporated into this book, even though crisis intervention arose out of individual psychotherapeutic theory and practice. This thoroughly revised book includes new material on suicide, working with the family of Alzheimer patients, crisis counseling by telephone, intervention in volatile or hazardous situations, and the minister's personal safety.

Title:Crisis Counseling
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    Crisis Counseling Reviews

  • David Blanchard

    A worthwhile resource for pastors to use in crisis....

  • Rev. Linda

    A book from the suggested reading list for a January mester course at Brite Divinity, Pastoral Care in Congregations - Howard Stone is such a fine writer, and provides excellent examples of all his id...

  • Don Terry

    Helpful and practicalCrisis Counseling provides practical examples and advice to help care givers counsel others through crisis situations. Howard Stone manages to give great advice without using over...

  • Greg

    It's an older pamphlet, but an excellent resource for those who are entering pastoral care. If you regularly enter crisis situations you should have an idea of what to look for and how to connect with...

  • Cheyanna

    This is a short accessible book that gives some basic information about crisis counseling theory and procedure. The author talks about the unique variety and flexibility a pastor encounters in this ar...

  • Brett Marko

    This was a concise description of crisis counseling. I benefited from reading but can't say I was bowled over by this book. It was short and sweet however....