Finding His Mark

Finding His Mark

She’s crashed the biggest party of her life, and she’s about to pay the price…

As the leader of an off-the-books black ops SEAL team, Luke Scott can’t afford for anyone to discover the truth about who he is or what he does. But when a critical mission gets botched by a member of an iconic Hollywood family, he’ll have to fight to protect his team’s identity, as well as keep himself from falling for the woman who’s turned his life upside down.

Eva Sharp’s the writer and co-producer for the hit TV series SEAL Security. While on break from filming, the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of a real-life action scene—one that puts her life on the line. At first, she’s not sure if she can trust this stranger in the mountains, even if he has military written all over him. But the more time she spends with him, the harder it is to fight the pull of attraction, without also jeopardizing his op.

They’ll soon realize not everything is as it seems, and Luke will be forced to discover how far he’s willing to go to find his mark.

Find out what happens when fiction and reality collide in the first book of the new STEALTH OPS romantic suspense series.

Stealth Ops Series (Bravo Team)
Books #1-5.5
Stealth Ops Series (Echo Team)
Books #6-10

Title:Finding His Mark
Edition Language:English
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    Finding His Mark Reviews

  • Carlene Inspired

    Find this review and others on Carlene Inspired.Pre-Order: AmazonLuke Scott always puts his career and his nation's safety first, there's no room for relationships with those outside his team. His jo...

  • ~Stphanie's Journal~

    And voilà another winner by Brittney Sahin! Where were you all these years? Seriously!? How come Brittney’s book are not more known? The books she writes always hit their mark! Hell they are all ...

  • Shannon

    Eva is the daughter of a famous Hollywood movie director/producer; she wants to prove to herself that she can make it in Hollywood on her own, so she changes her name and works on a TV show about SEAL...

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    The first book in the Stealth Ops series by Brittney Sahin. Eva Sharp finds herself caught in a deadly situation. Luke Scott is the leader of black ops SEAL team, working off the books, of course. Whe...

  • Rellim

    DNF at 40%. The writing was OK. I’m a big fan of military romance, and I don’t mind suspending some believability for a good story, but I’m putting this book down because after less than 48 hour...

  • Joey Love

    If I could give this book 6 stars I would! I am so impressed!This is my first SEAL book, and first book written by Brittney Sahin, but it won’t be my last. I am so impressed with not only the writin...

  • S.M.M.

    RushedI don't know if it was just me, but everything seemed convoluted. From the op down to the romance, it was all very rushed in storytelling and explanation. Did someone out a word limit on this pu...

  • Lyndi W.

    It's just.. not good....

  • Angie

    "How long will we be holed up together?""Hopefully, only a few days. I'm not looking forward to this.""Yeah, me either, Captain Commando.""If you did your research, you'd know SEALs don't like that t...

  • Sarah

    ACTION ACTION ACTIONI loved the whole story and the action AND the suspense. I loved the romance as well and the banter of Luke & Eva was funny Really recommend this book has the right balance...