Battlefield Russia

Battlefield Russia


Is war on another front…

…going to lead to defeat?

Losses in the Pacific have cost the Allies.

The stakes raise as battlefield tactics and back room diplomacy muddy the waters. Was it a mistake to engage in Russia? Will it cost the President at home? The country is divided. The casualties mount. Has the tide of war shifted from the Allies?

As the U.S. manufacturing machine struggles to keep up with the demands, the country needs to unite to make it through.

Can the President bring the people together?

Does he have a strategic card left to play?

You’ll enjoy the fifth book in this epic war series because everyone loves an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

Get it now.

The Red Storm Series is best enjoyed when read in the correct order as each book builds on the previous work. Reading order:

Book 1: Battlefield Ukraine
Book 2: Battlefield Korea
Book 3: Battlefield Taiwan
Book 4: Battlefield Pacific
Book 5: Battlefield Russia
Book 6: Battlefield China

*When you buy a book written by Rosone and Watson, they have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds to help support the following organizations: Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, and Charity: Water.

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    Battlefield Russia Reviews

  • Ed

    Book #5 in the continuing "what if" World War Three epic in contemporary military fiction. The entire series is a "must read" for all my GR military fiction readers. Strongly suggest reading the books...

  • Pat Dailey

    Generally I judge military history by their represntation of RTO procedures. He has nailed it. He also has a understanding of Military equipment. More importantly, he has an understanding of both stra...

  • Walter Embleton

    RollercoasterWell where do I start?Hard without giving any spoilers away. Maybe if I say that I read Russia in two sittings might give you a clue. As usual James and Miranda have woven a believable st...

  • Steve Thomlinson

    Absolutely love this series. James Rosone is an amazing author. The whole series is compelling and reads true. I like the mix of fact and fiction (faction) and feel it adds realism to the whole series...

  • Sgtshaf

    Love this series and loved this book. Onward to battle once again with some of the reoccurring characters. I feel this book has a more in depth look of the battles. It also stood out to me, above the ...

  • dennis barron

    Battlefield Russia. James RosoneAmerica is at war. POTUS has been assassinated. His replacement the Vice President is a strong and able commander. Russia is losing the battle as it has entered their b...

  • D. E.

    A JR. Military Action Thriller (RED -5) /India vs the US.JR. has. penned the fifth novel in the RSS. series, which contains a vivid description of what hackers can or could do to one of the !heading b...

  • Mr Roy Davidson

    Love this series. Yes, it's fiction, but you can really relate to it and how it could do easily become reality. Love the sub plot on the British PM and the links to Russia. Oh so topical with Corbyn a...

  • Ric Ulloa

    I enjoyed this book probably more than any of the series, but I sure wish they were longer. I seems as if I was just getting into all that was happening, then it just stopped? I found this book more c...

  • S.David Long

    Better. And BetterI've enjoyed this series more than any other that I can remember. Each book continues to build on the last. You really feel connected to the characters as you watch them grow as indi...