When Angels Cry

When Angels Cry


, paranormal, urban-fantasy, Fantasy, Action

All James wanted was to get some barbeque in Vegas.

The Red-Eyes Killer decided to start his spree at the wrong time in the wrong town with the wrong little girl.

Trey comes to Vegas in search of a relative he hasn't seen in seven years.

Could the City of Sin be bringing together some good out of tragedy? 

Las Vegas PD isn't prepared to fight high-level bounties like Los Angeles could.

Speaking of Los Angeles, Lieutenant Hall is doing something a bit shady to protect her men. 

Is she becoming that which she loathes?

In James Brownstone's world, there is never a normal day.


NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don't suggest reading this book.

Title:When Angels Cry
Edition Language:English
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    When Angels Cry Reviews

  • Jonathan Wilson

    4.25 Stars ...

  • Tony Hisgett

    A nice quick read, although I did find this story quite ‘bitty’. Also I’m not really interested in Maria, but she seemed to be taking up an inordinate amount of the book, I hope she isn’t goin...

  • Bonnie Dale Keck

    Kindle Unlimited, while I like the titles and they're pretty good etc, the 'Indiana Jones' Raiders of the Lost Ark sydrome {'bad guys/endings} that is totally not doing it, did someone run out of time...

  • Vintagebooklvr

    3 1/2 stars. The books are a bit addictive. I am definitely bingeing them. What keeps the books interesting is that the characters grow. They are changing and more people are being introduced slowly. ...

  • Mary

    Another amazing book!I love how the brownstone family is growing! The characters are developing and having mini story's of their own with in the brownstone book. Great read!! More brownstone!! No, I m...

  • Susan

    Love this series!This book was a gift so soon after the last one. There is so much more character development, many laughs and much head scratching as James deals with the 2 women in his life. I absol...

  • Mike Lewis

    Action packed awesome Siri’sAs it says an action-packed urban fantasy action adventure series. And outstanding cast of characters in a world where magic has returned. James brown stone is a bounty H...

  • Traci R

    James vs. The MutantAll James wants is some God sauce from Jessie Ray's but his number one recruit, Trey is in Vegas on family business and it soon turns into Brownstone business. A lot of good action...

  • Bobby Childers

    The series gets better with each new book.James Brownstone seems to get more real as the series goes on. Shay does not play a big part in this book, but her and Alison both are always in Brownstone's ...

  • Frank Bertino

    Great Fun ReadBrownstone is at loose ends with no bounty on the line. What to do. What to do. Well there is great barbeque in Vegas. This plus Trey finding out that he has a long lost relative there a...