Lawfully Freed

Lawfully Freed


abuse, , arc-read, Contemporary

Dr. Rebecca Tulle has decided to return home for her ten-year high school reunion with the intent to show off how much she has changed since graduation. After years of bullying, she feels stronger than ever before and ready to take on the world. She’d once run away, disappearing off the map, from everyone and everything she’d ever known… until now.

Gabriel James, the once gangly awkward boy who’d had a crush on Rebecca all those years ago has certainly changed! Charming, caring and devastatingly handsome… the gorgeous S.W.A. T. officer sweeps her off her feet. He claims that he wants to make up for lost time with a series of firsts… a first dance, a first date, a first kiss.

Could returning to her hometown reveal that some people could have changed for the better? Or could it be that the monsters from high school were worse than she’d ever imagined?

The Lawkeepers is a multi-author series alternating between historical westerns and contemporary westerns featuring law enforcement heroes that span multiple agencies and generations. Join bestselling authors Jenna Brandt, Lorana Hoopes and many others as they weave captivating, sweet and inspirational stories of romance and suspense between the lawkeepers - and the women who love them.

The Lawkeepers is a world like no other; a world where lawkeepers and heroes are honored with unforgettable stories, characters, and love.

** Note: Each book in The Lawkeepers series is a standalone book, in a mini-series, and you can read them in any order.

Title:Lawfully Freed
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    Lawfully Freed Reviews

  • Kathy Heare Watts

    THE BEST THINGS ARE WORTH WAITING FORI enjoyed this clean Christian based story that is an addition to the contemporary Lawkeepers series and also a S.W.A.T book. There is a great cast of characters a...

  • Sharon

    This is a wonderful story of Dr. Rebecca Tulle, who leaves her hometown as soon as she graduates high school. She leaves a teenager unsure if herself, who insured jokes, pranks, teasing and ridicule f...

  • Sonia Watkins

    Lawfully loved I enjoyed this book! I truly enjoy all the lawful books in this series! They are never a disappointment and are always full of love and suspense. Rebecca left for college as soon a sshe...

  • Valri Western

    Rebecca's life changes at her 10-year high school reunion - for good and bad! She reconnects with Gabriel, the guy who kept asking her out and she kept turning down because she just didn't want to go ...

  • Nethanja

    Gabriel and Rebecca meet each other again at the school reunion. Gabriel had a crush on her since 10 years but Rebecca wasn’t interested in anyone coz she was bullied by a guy who couldn’t stand t...

  • Shonda

    I absolutely loved this book! Rebecca and Gabriel hit it off from the start and I found myself hoping that they would be a item. The plot was really good showing that Rebecca had hang ups but she got ...

  • Danielle Carpenter

    This is basically a story of a woman returning home and attending her high school reunion. She finds the boy that she ignored has grown into a wonderful man. He has always loved her and waited for her...

  • Carolyn Withrow

    Excellent readThis book was excellent! I really enjoyed it. It had just the right amount of romance, drama and suspense that I look for in a book. I would definitely recommend this book to others....

  • Mary Jane McLeod

    Great SeriesI'm really enjoying this series and all the characters. I loved Gabriel and Rebecca's story and I look forward to more books in the series....

  • Sandra Swartz

    Good bookEnjoyed this book. It had suspense and clean romance. It was a short read but told a good clean story. ...