The Ancients

The Ancients


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“The Theos await you. Only then will we stop the Unwinding.”

The threat of invaders is gone, and Earth has been bartered away as a price for peace.

Yet, the human world of New Spero is thriving and full of hope.

Joining the rank of the Gatekeepers, Dean and Mary set off to explore worlds connected by the mysterious portals.

When they stumble upon a strange symbol, they are led to an ancient object, one that sets them on an unstoppable path.

The journey takes them through multiple worlds, before they can find what they’re searching for. Long ago, the ancient race called the Theos vanished without a trace, and have been next to forgotten for centuries. Do they still exist?

Dean intends to find out, but when he’s faced with the truth, he fears everything he loves will be lost.

The Ancients is the fourth installment of the best-selling Survivors series.

Title:The Ancients
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    The Ancients Reviews

  • Doug

    Really enjoyed this series up to this point for the most part, but this one felt like it was phoned in. The last book was weaker than the first two, but this one was just filler.Not a fan, but since I...

  • Sharon Phelps

    Excellent seriesExciting follow up to book three. The story line is fantastic and with each book just gets better. You get to go on amazing adventures and visit such varied worlds. Can't wait to start...

  • Jim

    We start out by finding our trio of main characters, Dean, Mary and Slate, trekking through a cold and ice covered world. They got there through another portal used in their quest to find the Ancients...

  • Brook

    This book was a big disappointment.Most of this book is solidly, OK. We have journeys to other worlds new races, new problems, etc. It's fast paced and fun, like the other books in the series.However,...

  • Mike Nemeth

    The Bhlat negotiated a truce with humanity, but threats continue to pelt Dean Parker and crew in Nathan Hystad's "The Ancients," the fourth in the Survivors series. Dean and Mary leave the relative pe...

  • Craig Dean

    In "The Ancients", Hystad delivers a Verne-like Victorian odyssey, with a universe-spanning galactic romp. If it had been written in the 19th Century it would have been solid work, but, following on t...

  • Ralph

    The Heros of Earth go on an odyssey to find the Theos and stop the Unwinding, which makes for a series of adventures that takes them to other worlds where they encounter new lifeforms and new dangers....

  • Christinaraven

    I'm sure Dean and Mary thought all the action and adventure in their live was over once they saved everyone again in book 3 but looks like they were a bit wrong. Book 4 opens to at the start of their ...

  • Susan Strauss

    I'm not going to review each and every of the 18, so far, books in this series because it would be exhausting. Suffice it to say, as I just this morning told my son, to have the talent to write a seri...

  • Debbie Houghton

    The adventure continues unveiling astonishing truthsDean, Mary and their ever faithful friend Slate set out on another breathless chase through unknown galaxies following an old prophecy that promised...