Forgotten Men

Forgotten Men

The once-famous Hotel Iberia was where society’s finest gathered in the days before 1859 when Victory, Louisiana became a ghost town. A building where people had laughed, dined and passed the time among friends became something dark, sinister and evil.
The town was dead, so no one complained when the Victory Institution for the Criminally Insane opened in the old hotel. The state sent its problems to the Asylum — violent, disturbed men who entered the gates of hell and never came back.
Hundreds died inside those walls before scandal closed the prison in 1907 and the corpses of those forgotten men were buried in a cemetery at the back of the property.
For a century, the building has been abandoned. But only by the living.
The dead couldn’t leave. Their tormented spirits couldn’t escape the horrors they had experienced. Unspeakable things kept them locked in the ancient cell blocks, doomed to haunt the building forever.
Rookie deputy sheriff Landry Drake spends a frightening afternoon inside the Asylum, investigates a series of apparently unrelated, unsolved murders inside the prison. He and a friend are caught in a trap. Kidnapped and chained in the old prison’s underground torture chamber, they know what fate awaits them at the hands of a maniacal sociopath. He’s killed many times before, and they will be next.
Landry must solve a puzzle before more people die, and he must find a way to keep himself from becoming the next name on the list of terrifying crimes at the Asylum.

Title:Forgotten Men
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    Forgotten Men Reviews

  • Shaina

    Back in Louisiana near the river and back in Cajun country and the bayou —we go to a place that a previous character would like to see. Once the most glorious and Grand Hotel Iberia for the wealthy ...

  • Regina Hunter

    NetGalley Review:This book looked quite promising, hitting every keyword in my current to-read list. I have enjoyed a great variety of Horror and Mystery books, but none were so disappointing. The boo...

  • Amanda

    This book is so cool in how it’s presented. In the beginning you are giving a sort of history lesson on how prisons worked 200 years ago. Then it goes to a young boy who is being dared to stay for a...

  • Keith Chawgo

    Bill Thompson’s follow-up to the Bayou Hauntings series is an interesting read and one that hits all the right buttons. To be honest, I haven’t read the first book but this has not deter my enjoym...

  •  Reading Reindeer 2021 On Proxima Centauri

    This paranormal novel is absolutely enthralling! THE FORGOTTEN MEN is Book Two in the Bayou Hauntings series, and incorporates history, ghosts, serial killers, horrific prison conditions, the criminal...

  • Veronica

    Review to come...

  • Locus Amoenus

    I thought this second installment in the series would be better than the first, but it was a bit of a letdown.The setting (the Asylum, a long-abandoned prison for the criminally insane) was perfect fo...

  • Todd Simpson

    I really enjoyed this book. Bill Thompson has done a fabulous job with this very entertaining and well put together story. I already knew that I liked Bill Thompson’s writing style from other books ...

  • Elomina

    While an improvement over the first book in this series, I still wasn't impressed. The story started off interesting but I could've done without the cliche romantic interest and the ending was kind of...

  • Stephanie

    Just okay for a scary story. I liked the setting, of the old institution and the twist involved in who was actually causing the hauntings and disappearances. So the back story to it was interesting. I...