Murderous Minds Volume 1: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines

Murderous Minds Volume 1: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines

What makes seemingly ordinary people murder?
Are some people born to kill, or does giving into deadly desires and delusions throw a kill switch within them?

Murderous Minds Volume 1: Stories of Real Life Murderers that Escaped the Headlines offers a look inside the lives of murderers who managed to commit heinous acts of evil, yet, often, escape the media attention their crimes merited.

Among the killers in this book, you will read about:
- Sante Kimes, a senior citizen whose greed caused her to kill for profit with her own child.
- Robert James Acremant, an MBA graduate whose lust for a stripper caused him to murder to finance lap dances.
- Larry Gene Ashbrook, whose increasingly bizarre behavior culminated in a mass shooting inside a church

Whether they are killers you are unfamiliar with or those who you want to learn more about, this true account offers a glimpse into what motivates a murderer. By looking at the details of the individual cases, the killers’ lives and the aftermath of their violent acts, this book weaves a tale of Dark Fantasies Turned Reality, and a picture develops of what goes on inside these horrific minds.

Get your copy now if you dare to delve into— The Murderous Minds!

Title:Murderous Minds Volume 1: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines
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    Murderous Minds Volume 1: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines Reviews

  • Terri

    An excellent true crime book exploring little known crimes (though I am not sure I would say The Navy Yard mass shooting was little know but maybe I am biased because I am in DC). Anyway, well reporte...

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    True Crime ThrillerRyan Becker continues to write exceptional true crime books. In this latest installment he covers six serial killers who kill because of monetary or personal gain. One of the killer...

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    Interesting contentThis book chronicles many killers, both known and widely unknown. It is an interesting read, however the editing is terrible. It is riddled with spelling and grammar errors....


    I love True Crime To start off please let me say that I was personally affected by the murder of my cousin. That's not where my interest in this genre started. I always wanted to try to understand wha...

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    True crime double headerMurderous MindsI had not heard of most of these cold-blooded killers. Their crimes were vicious and heartless, and they apparently felt no remorse for the lives they stole. The...

  • Sherri Avers

    SPELLING errorsThe topics are good. Nothing exciting about the writing style. Lots of SPELLING errors. Easy read. I like a little more bite to my reading material. A few more three syllable words mayb...

  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Little less impressedI didn't like this Becker true crime anthology as much as some of his others due to the cases featured were somewhat dull and the second half of the book was a word for word repea...

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    Another great true crime anthology from Ryan Becker. This time there were 6 different stories, each of them different than the rest. I found each one of them to be well written and well researched. He...

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    Great bookAnother great book by Ryan Becker! Once you start reading this book, you will have a hard time putting it down! Makes you wonder how so many people slip through the justice system! When most...

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    Beyond what I expectedAs always Mr. Becker has done it again! I know she I see his name on a book that not only is it going to be a good book it's also going to have a story behind it and one we all a...