Chains of Fear

Chains of Fear


, arc-from-author, 2019, Romance

When diplomat Sir Julian Templeton falls over a stricken gentlewoman, he little expects to end up marrying her. Neither does he anticipate the pitfalls he must negotiate, nor the shifts he must make, in order to win his bride’s love and trust.

Impoverished and desperate, Miss Helena Dorking reluctantly accepts the handsome stranger’s offer of help after she is left for dead in the snow. When, on finding his mother unexpectedly from home, Sir Julian honourably offers marriage to save Helena from ruin, she has little choice but to accept him. Yet how can she be the wife he wants and needs? How can she overcome her fears and allow herself to love him?

Somehow Julian must find a way to cut the chains which bind Helena to her fear so he can win her heart.

Title:Chains of Fear
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    Chains of Fear Reviews

  • Debbie DiFiore

    Slow but entertainingThis reminded me of an old melodrama. The only thing missing was the heroine being tied to the train tracks! There was a little bit of everything in here, a villain, mean girls, p...

  • Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals)

    I got to say that this is good, really good, it’s got a real vintage feel about it from the style in which King writes to the language. This is a charming ‘Marriage of Convenience’ story on the ...

  • Jennifer

    1.5 stars.This was a bit underwhelming, truth be told. The relationship and feelings between the MCs wasn't fully developed and the villain/shrews were OTT caricatures. There was no apology from the M...

  • Marina Leonard

    When I came across this author, I wanted to get this book. I finally got it and read it. I am so glad that I read this. It is heart warming story about a woman who, unfortunately had to work due to he...

  • Margaret

    Journey to loveA knight in shining armor, Julian Templeton rescues a young woman from certain death. Alone in his home with no chaperone, he feels it's his duty to marry her. Overcoming obstacles won'...

  • Heather King


  • Heather King