The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide

The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide


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The Apprentice section of the Quareia course has no mentoring, which makes it the

most difficult part of the magical training to complete. The Quareia Apprentice Study

Guide is aimed at people studying the Quareia Magical Course.

It provides answers to basic questions, details the structure and approach of the

course, examines some of the common training issues, and explains the core

concepts presented in the course.

The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide is aimed at apprentices who are studying the

course: it shines lights into the less obvious corners of magical training to help guide

you along your magical path.

Title:The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide
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    The Quareia Apprentice Study Guide Reviews

  • Christian

    Mandatory guidebook for all Quareia-students, accompanying the original first part of the course. Josephine details here in her usual straight-forward manner some of the obstacles, confusions and trap...

  • Realnapster

    Have yet to start the course but the study guide was well written and informative....

  • Rus

    A quick read and worth it if you intend to plough through the 3 main volumes! But feels more like an errata or book of excuses than an actual study guide or helping hand! ...

  • Amanda

    This is one of the most detailed "what to expect when you're expecting to undergo occult training" I've come across. Of significant value regardless of tradition or system, and I highly recommend it. ...