Killer Kids Volume 1: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

Killer Kids Volume 1: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill


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22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill, including;

Kip Kinkel: Voted by his classmates, the “Most Likely to Start World War III,” Kinkel was a crime just waiting to happen. Add guns to the mix and you have a massacre.

Eric Smith: The brutal murder of a young boy shocks a small community in upstate New York. No one could have guessed that the killer was just 13 years old.

Barry Loukaitis: The tragic tale of a bullied child, an unstable mother, and a shooting spree that destroyed three young lives.

Cayetano Santos Godino: Known as the “Jug-eared Dwarf,” Godino was a juvenile serial killer who terrorized Buenos Aires, Argentina during the early 1900s.

Dedrick Owens: A cold-blooded murder committed by a killer who, shockingly, was just six years old.

Sam Manzie: A problem child from an early age, Manzie eventually devolved to murder when he lured, raped and strangled an 11-year-old boy.

Joshua Phillips: A horrific sex crime with an unlikely perpetrator, the most popular kid on the block.

Jesse Pomeroy: A malevolent youngster who killed at least two children and tortured many others, Pomeroy might just be America’s youngest serial killer.




Plus 14 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Killer Kids Volume 1.

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  • Jennie

    Each specific story is quick, short, sweet, and to the point. Reads similar to a short newspaper article or a Wikipedia article. No complaints here. Easily finished in one sitting....

  • Deirdre

    In this book unfortunately boys as young as six years old were homicidal. Those that hadn't killed by that age were often displaying antisocial or weird behaviors. While others were being abused or ha...

  • Beth Shuler

    More then I imaginedFirst I must say this book was so much more then I imagined and expected! Mr. Keller once again had written a well informed and researched book! To be honest I expected it to be li...

  • Bettye McKee

    Shocking but trueDo you know what your children are up to?These 22 shocking cases are about children who slaughtered and slashed, shot and strangled and bludgeoned their way to prison. Often their vic...

  • Elisabeth Brookshire

    Pretty goodIf you want to read quick true crime anthologies may I suggest Keller's books as your choice. Well edited and consisting of many unknown stories these are much more satisfying than those of...

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    I have a true crime podcast ( and we do a killer kids segment. Using these books for references. They don't give very much detail into the cases, but they're fine for what they a...

  • Beckie Treble

    Shocking!A really interesting read. I hadn't heard of many of the subjects and was interesting to read of crimes that happened in the late 1800's and in countries other than America and the UK....

  • Kori ?

    I wish this was more detailed. I found myself googling a bit more on certain cases. None the less for less than $5 this was a good read. Read about cases I never heard about, just wish there were more...

  • Melinda Frazer

    Robert Keller does it againRobert Keller is my favourite author. Every story, I'm there, like a fly on the wall.. thanks for another great informative book Robert! Off to read Volume 2...