Shelby's Story: A Dog's Way Home Tale

Shelby's Story: A Dog's Way Home Tale

New York Times bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron presents the totally irresistible tale of a little stray puppy rescued from a life on the streets to become the star of A Dog's Way Home, the basis for the major motion picture!

Shelby doesn't remember much of her early life--only that she was always hungry and cold. Then one day, Shelby is rescued by a kind woman, and things change forever. She soon finds herself on a movie set, and her new life is filled with challenges and rewards. She learns things like to Go Mark, Cut, and Dig. Her rewards include squeaky toys, yummy chicken, and best of all, love and affection from castmates and crew. Everyone loves Shelby! And so will young readers and movie fans.

Shelby's Story includes charming illustrations by Richard Cowdrey as well as a reading and activity guide at the end of the book.

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Title:Shelby's Story: A Dog's Way Home Tale
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    Shelby's Story: A Dog's Way Home Tale Reviews

  • W. Cameron

    I happen to know the author of this novel very well. Too well, in fact, because I am painfully aware of his faults. This is a fictional telling of a true story. When we set out to make the movie A Dog...

  • Brooke

    This was a really cute story told from the dog, Shelby. My child and I both enjoyed reading it together....

  • Shelby

    5 StarsI bought this book at my sister's book fair and I thought I would give this a try being it being the dog name is Shelby and I am a huge animal lover. Also being a true story, which I like readi...

  • Mindy

    Is this a book for middle-grade readers? Is it a dog-training book--written by a dog? Is it a Hollywood insider look at how a movie--specifically A Dog's Way Home--gets made? YES! This book is all of ...

  • William LeSueur

    It was the best book I have ever read in my life....

  • Yewon kim

    It was about the dog who was living in the garbage, who always eat garbage and sister was trapped in the dog rescue center, knowing anything to do, he became a movie star. He was a little dog when he ...

  • Jan

    I'm not ashamed to admit I cried huge, but happy, crocodile tears at the end of the movie A Dog's Way Home. Give me a sweet, sentimental dog story and I get weepy every time. So it was enjoyable readi...

  • AMY

    Sorry, I tried but just wasn't into this one......

  • Grilled Toast

    Yes, cuteness, dog books are just perfection sorry I bias I LOVE DOGS....

  • Lis Sigona

    Such an excellent story line explaining about the dog, training dogs, and making the movie “ A Dog’s Purpose” all through the eyes of the dog. Some humor, helped with some great detailed informa...