Vastarien: A Literary Journal

Vastarien: A Literary Journal


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VASTARIEN is a source of critical study and creative response to the corpus of Thomas Ligotti as well as associated authors and ideas. The journal includes nonfiction, literary horror fiction, poetry, artwork and non-classifiable hybrid pieces.

Vol. 1, Issue 1 Contents:

• Foreword to Teatro Grottesco
essay by Thomas Ligotti
•The Nightmare of His Art: The Horrific Power of the Imagination in "The Troubles of Dr. Thoss and "Gas Station Carnivals"
essay by W. Silverwood
•The Gods in Their Seats, Unblinking
short fiction by Kurt Fawver
• Affirmation of the Spirit: Consciousness, Transformation, and the Fourth World in Film
short fiction by Christopher Slatsky
•Try the Veal
poem by Robert Beveridge
•How to Construct a Gun from Your Own Flesh
short fiction by Michael Uhall
•Notes on a Horror
essay by Dr. Raymond Thoss
•"Eccentric to the Healthy Social Order" : Inversions of Family, Community, and Religion in Thomas Ligotti's "The Last Feast of Harlequin"
essau by Michael J. Abolafia
poem by Wade German
•Eraserhead as Antinatalist Allegory
essay by Colby Smith
•The Alienation of the Self: Marx, Polanyi, and Ligottian Horror
essay by S. L. Edwards
•The Theatre of Ovid
short fiction by Aaron Worth
•Infinite Light, Infinite Darkness short fiction by Martin Rose
•Night Walks: The Films of Val Lewton
essay by Michael Penkas
• Solar Flare
short fiction by Paul L. Bates
•Strange Bird
poem by Ian Mullins
•Nervous Wares & Abnormal Stares
short fiction by Devin Goff
•My Time at the Drake Clinic
short fiction by Jordan Krall
•Singing the Song of My Unmaking
short fiction by Christopher Ropes
•"They say I should kill myself and not try to spoil their enjoyment in being alive": An Interview with Thomas Ligotti
interview by Wojciech Gunia

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    Vastarien: A Literary Journal Reviews

  • Karl

    First of all “Vastarien: A Literary Journal” (Vol. 1, Issue 1) is, I believe the first publication of TLO (Thomas Ligutti Online) under their imprint of Grimscribe Press, and HIGH marks are to be ...

  • Rodney

    This high quality journal has been the highlight of my days lately. Some great fiction pieces and poetry are balanced with thorough and stimulating analyses. I felt very much like the skeleton in the ...

  • Kai Szulborski

    Vastarien is an astounding and difficult read for me. In the best way. Especially Notes on a Horror and Singing the Song of my Unmaking. I love Ligotti (like we all do) but he tends towards the ghouli...

  • Andy

    I'm glad this exists. Ever since reading The Grimscribe Puppets it seemed that something like this certainly _could_ exist. That collection proved that there are more than enough talented authors who ...

  • S.E. Casey

    The Thomas Ligotti inspired collection VASTARIEN kicks-off with the one act play, "The Gods in Their Seats, Unblinking"  by Kurt Fawver. More accurately, it is an account of play, the playwright and ...

  • Patrick.G.P

    The first issue of Vastarien is an excellent read for anyone interested in Thomas Ligotti, horror, bleak philosophy, film and Weird fiction. The issue is nicely edited, and all the pieces fit together...

  • Waffles

    4.5 stars This is a solid effort and anyone claiming to be interested in Thomas Ligotti should read this.I was especially fond of the essay "Notes on a Horror" by appropriately psedonymed Dr. Thoss.Th...

  • Jake

    I rarely bother to write reviews but this journal is one of the most fabulous things i’ve read in a very long time. In particular I think I related to and felt more “seen” by the masterful “Si...

  • Christopher

    A multi-genre anthology of both fiction and nonfiction that unlike many attempts to coalesce around a single author actually fits together well and with an almost uniformly strong quality. ...

  • Alex

    Vastarien is frequently an emotionally challenging read. Contributing to this, the line between fiction and non-fiction is not clear. We construct comfortable barriers to assist coping with an uncarin...