The Lost Prophet

The Lost Prophet


, Science Fiction

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-----WARNING-----This book is not standalone and it is strongly recommended to read Ancient Origins: The Tenth Protocol beforehand, and if possible the four other Ancient Origins novels prior to that to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The Lost Prophet The newly elected president of the United States of America, John Harrison Henry, the first independent candidate to win a campaign since George Washington, is fighting to save his nation, and the entire world, from nefarious forces hell-bent on chaos and destruction. Many think John is a man apart, a man who stands alone, and yet there are those who fight to help him achieve the impossible. And while these brave few fight against the might of the Global Meteor Response Council that rules the world with an iron fist, in distant lands old forces shift and new powers rise, for word has it that something is coming which is going to change everything. It’s something we missed... and it’s almost here.

Title:The Lost Prophet
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    The Lost Prophet Reviews

  • Andrew Freeman

    Great book and series with some issuesI have continued to enjoy this book series as it is a true page turner. I love learning about the Anakim and their ancient technology. However, this particular bo...

  • Karen Beg

    I enjoyed the first few books of this series, but there started to be too much religious mumbo jumbo I was not interested in at all. I started to just skim over paragraphs at a time of the weird preac...

  • Jerry Walsh

    I agree with others who gave it low ratings. Liked the first books then religious bs. Will not buy any more of his books skipped over half the pages until I came to info about the story not his religi...

  • Chris

    I have many times pondered sitting down and writing the perfect story. However it appears Robert Storey beat me to it. And this latest installment to the Ancient Origins saga is the perfect addition t...

  • Sabyasachi

    At times, I hated the book and at times I loved it. The whole explaining things part seemed a bit far fetched to me (or maybe it is because I am not that familiar with scriptures and I need to go thro...

  • Mark

    A disaster. The first four books were great. it did get a little wobbly at times but mostly I loved it and kept reading. Book 5 left me feeling cheated - it just stopped, but because book 6 was availa...

  • Stephen W. Etheridge

    This was a waste of time.1 star would be the best I can offer. The authors first 4 books were good, but it seems in transition to books 5 & 6 he developed religion. Not your mainstream religion but an...

  • Carolyn Dobbs

    I gave a three but should give a 1... The final few books in the series were a disappointment. Plots all over the place. Intense detail about topics that weren't necessary... Repetitious fight scenes ...


    This series started out as very entertaining. Each book got worse. This last book was a disaster. Really hard to follow and filled with "appendices" and pages of explanatory notes. Hate to end my read...

  • JenClo

    Seriously deep journeyWe have dedicated a lot of time with all of these details and stories and it isn't over yet?? The rest better be mind blowing......