Eggshell Skull

Eggshell Skull


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EGGSHELL SKULL: A well-established legal doctrine that a defendant must 'take their victim as they find them'. If a single punch kills someone because of their thin skull, that victim's weakness cannot mitigate the seriousness of the crime.

But what if it also works the other way? What if a defendant on trial for sexual crimes has to accept his 'victim' as she comes: a strong, determined accuser who knows the legal system, who will not back down until justice is done?

Bri Lee began her first day of work at the Queensland District Court as a bright-eyed judge's associate. Two years later she was back as the complainant in her own case.

This is the story of Bri's journey through the Australian legal system; first as the daughter of a policeman, then as a law student, and finally as a judge's associate in both metropolitan and regional Queensland-where justice can look very different, especially for women. The injustice Bri witnessed, mourned and raged over every day finally forced her to confront her own personal history, one she'd vowed never to tell. And this is how, after years of struggle, she found herself on the other side of the courtroom, telling her story.

Bri Lee has written a fierce and eloquent memoir that addresses both her own reckoning with the past as well as with the stories around her, to speak the truth with wit, empathy and unflinching courage. Eggshell Skull is a haunting appraisal of modern Australia from a new and essential voice.

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    Eggshell Skull Reviews

  • Courtney

    I want to get this book and smush it into the face of every single male in australia. Just smush it deep, deep into their face until they get it. Pipe dream.This book is harrowing. When I finished it,...

  • Vanessa

    Informative, and compelling. A memoir that serves as a reminder that women have had the short end of the stick since forever, it’s mostly a massive eye opener to the limitations and inadequacies of ...

  • Olive Fellows (abookolive)

    Wow. Laced with heartbreak and strength, this is one of the best nonfiction books I've read all year....

  • Edgarr Alien Pooh

    "The eggshell skull rule applies in many common law jurisdictions in both civil and criminal law. The premise is that if Person A were to have a skull as thin as an eggshell, and if Person B struck th...

  • Matthew Hickey

    This book should be compulsory reading for all men, but especially those in the law. Bri Lee’s ferociously frank and fearless memoir exhorts us to honestly appraise our accepted wisdom, examine our ...

  • ?    jamieson   ?

    ✨ buddy read with taryn ✨Eggshell Skull is a harrowing insight into the Australian justice system, and it's many downfalls. We follow Bri Lee - first through her experiences working as a judges as...

  • Yasmina

    I absolutely hate this book. I stopped reading when I had only 3 chapters left. I totally gave up. She is overwhelmingly privileged. I couldn't go on. I don't even want this damn book sitting on my bo...

  • Katie Y.

    I went to the Holland Park arrests court further down the road from the Brisbane Supreme Court and saw so many injustices occurring left and right. An Asian man who could not understand or speak Engli...

  • J Ash

    By the time I finished this book I was angry. Not angry for the author or at the justice system, but angry at the author for her overwhelming blindness to her privilege. The first half of the book was...

  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews

    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.com4.5 starsIf there is one non fiction based memoir title you should read this year, make Eggshell Skull, by the incredibly brave Australian woman Bri Lee a priorit...