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** From USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C. Riley comes the first book in an intense, post-apocalyptic series--ODIUM. Bringing life, love and survival together for one thrilling read. **

The infection came.

Humanity fell.

And the world everyone knew ended.

But one woman’s unwavering determination to live, against all the odds, might just be the only thing to survive this bleak new existence.

When the fate of a young girl hangs in the balance, Nina sacrifices herself and leaves the barricaded city she’s living in. Despite this act of selflessness, Nina isn’t the same woman she once was. She’s bitter, angry, and she wants nothing more than to disappear.
But now she’s reluctantly become both protector and family to the girl she climbed the wall for.

The duo set off across the bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape, toward a safe haven that might not exist. While journeying, they meet Mikey—a man on the run from his past and hiding from bigger demons than the ones that walk the earth.
He introduces them to a life they couldn’t imagine. A life above the ground.

However, this new world continues to bring more dangers, and darker shadows than they knew possible.

And Nina quickly discovers that beyond the wall…

The deaders aren’t the only thing to fear.

That love and survival just might go hand in hand.

And that fear will not be ignored, or Forgotten.

*Now a 5 book series*

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    Odium Reviews

  • Lo Bookfrantic

    4.5*** Suspenseful & Survival Stars “I dream of blood, death, friends, & family, everyone dies! Sooner or later everyone dies; the dead will rise and eat you alive" This book is no...

  • ? Liz ?

    "RUN! You fall, you die." Odium is the first book in the Dead Saga. With the original blend of sci-fi, horror, action, and a hint or romance, Claire C. Riley starts this series off with a bang. ...

  • Kelli Wilson

    Really enjoyed this. After reading the Grace Lost Series and the Rhiannon Frater zombie trilogy, I struggled to find another series I truly loved and was excited to read. This is great, and the lead c...

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen

    4 1/2 riveting starsI love Nina and want to be just like her when I grow up and the zombie apocalypse happens!!But did it have to end that way?? Cant stop now....have to find out what happens with Mik...

  • Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)

    Odium is a book that I had been looking forward to review for a couple months now. When I finally got my hands on a copy I started devouring it almost immediately. As far as Zombie stories go I liked ...

  • Becky Stephens

    Odium was a terrifying, exciting ride through a land of zombies. A land that is not rotten and black, as the self-proclaimed leaders behind the walls of the barricaded cities would have you believe, b...

  • Nicole Storey

    I really dislike it when I read a book and want to kill the character I'm supposed to be pulling for. I mean, why did Nina risk her life for Emily only to treat her like dirt for most of the book? Yes...

  • Don

    I'm ready for whatever is thrown my way! ...

  • Brittany

    4 Addictive Stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I might not be Lara Croft yet, but the desperation to live can fill you with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm for surviving, and if that means fighting han...

  • Toni

    Review also part of #zOctober2013 on My Book Addiction!The story begins with Nina in a walled off safe zone, a place she’s survived for quite some time, witnessing a teenager being kicked out for st...