That Guy

That Guy


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He’s That Guy.

You know, the hero in almost every romance novel.

The super-rich, powerful CEO who is beyond sexy. Lives in a penthouse. Is wicked in bed. Has massive…feet. Is kind of a jerk, but really he’s not because he harbors some major secret that, once revealed, explains why he is the way he is—therefore completely redeeming himself and making all the readers who hated to love him swoon….

Yeah. That one.

Well, I found him.

I’m a writer who has spent years searching for the perfect muse.

Now that I know he exists, I have a mission.

To make him fall in love with me.

This should be easy. I mean, I have issues, but above all, I’m a great catch.

Problem is, I did a stupid thing.

And now he hates me.

Unfortunately for him, he’s my That Guy.

And he’s going to love me….

Whether he wants to or not.

Title:That Guy
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    That Guy Reviews

  • Colleen Hoover

    I was asked to read this book by the author who paid me seven goats to blurb it. One of the goats died during shipment and the other six goats arrived as cats. I explained to Kim that she sent cats, n...

  • SueBee?bring me an alpha!?

    IT’S LIVE!Stand-alone.LIVE! | AMZ US | AMZ UK | B&N | KOBO |Blurb: He’s That Guy.You know, the hero in almost every romance novel. The super-rich, powerful CEO who is beyond sexy. Lives in a penth...

  • Alex ?

    1.5 starsCrazy, funny, hilarious, but very pathetic heroine with a mega crush on an OTT manwhore male protagonist, who was comfortable and happy enough to use high-class escort to fulfill his sexual n...

  • Arini ~ Miss Casually Reading

    3.5 StarsAs far as ‘poking fun at romance tropes’ goes, That Guy did it with flying colors. Well, to some extent. The humor was belly laugh tear inducing kind of hilarious, but it was also a littl...

  • Phuong ?

    – 2.75 stars Someone please ban the phrase "That Guy" from the romance genre asap.Did I drink resting-bitch-face juice? Did someone shove a stick up my ass? Did I get out of bed on the wrong side...

  • Giorgia ~ Reads

    3 ⭐️Still processing.. but the takeaway from this book is that, humour can only get you that far if you don’t have a strong storyline to back it all up.I feel like it’s a 4 stars for witty, ...

  • Melanie A. *mostly on hiatus*

    5+ STARS!! "That mouth of yours, Penelope Hart, will be my demise." Yeah, you read that right . . . 5+ STARS!! I'm not even going to pretend to be embarrassed that I LOVED this book so muc...

  • Maria??Steamy Reads Blog??

    Lol, this was hilarious....

  • Jess??

    That Guy by Kim Jones is not your typical Kim Jones book there isn't one sexy biker in sight 😖 but we do get hot sin of a billionaire 😍.It's a quick, easy, hilarious and exceptionally naughty re...

  • Jade Violet

    I am usually one sick and twisted chick when it comes to romance not a romantic comedy girl at all. That being said, I think this may be my favorite book this year! My God, just the opening paragraph ...