Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption

Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption


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Today companies are expected to be flexible and both rapidly responsive and resilient to change, which basically asks them to be Agile. Lack of an overarching theory about how to expand the Agile Manifesto has led to many fragmented attempts to apply Agile company-wide.

Enjoy insights in the book shared by Jez Humble, Diana Larsen, James Shore, Johanna Rothman, and Bjarte Bogsnes. Find out what Spotify, ING, Ericsson, and Walmart say in the book.

Quotes from early readers:

"[This is] a very important book. My hopes are that it will be the missing link between agile for teams and the flexible, adaptive and humane organisations we want to build. It’s a great book. Thanks for writing it!" ~Sandy Mamoli, author of Creating Great Teams
"Just as Spotify has worked hard to make all aspects of product development align well and work together - I see Jutta and John in this book exploring methods and processes that will work very well across the whole company." ~ Anders Ivarsson, Spotify
"I love how those practices [are] integrated and summarized into actionable recommendations." ~ Yves Lin, Titansoft
"Really wonderful balance of structure and space, rigor and creativity, that you're suggesting." ~ Michael Herman,
"Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space and Sociocracy [...] makes an important case for companies to regard trust and autonomy the norm, rather than a privilege. [...] Overall a great overview of how leaders can reimagine the way power is distributed within their companies." ~ Aimee Groth, Author of The Kingdom of Happiness: Inside Tony Hsieh’s Zapponian Utopia

Notice, how they emphasize that doing Agile (the mechanics) is different from being Agile (the mindset). The mindset lets you apply flexible Agile patterns not only for software development teams but for the whole company. Many experts are looking into implementing company-wide Agility. Yet, they work from one perspective. For example:

A Beyond Budgeting expert might say, "Stop fixing the budget annually, because otherwise you won't have the flexibility to react to frequent market changes."
An Open Space expert might say, "You need to make space for what you don’t know and can’t control, for totally new things to emerge. If people can follow their passion, you will be able to implement company-wide Agility, otherwise people will just do what they are asked."
A Sociocracy expert might say, "You first need to resolve the power structure, because as long as you have a hierarchy defined as top-down you will not become agile."
An Agile expert might say, "You need to start inspecting and adapting by using regular retrospectives in order to react flexibly, otherwise you will neither be able to learn from the market nor from within your company."

All of these perspectives are true, but the perspective is always from within the discipline.

Title:Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption
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    I think there are some great concepts in here. Jutta shows real insight and understanding....

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    Really good topic and idea for combining the elements of the 4 main practices. Wanted more about the budgeting piece. Thought it was mainly focused on sociocracy and open space. It did give me lots of...

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    Very interesting 'best of everything' look at the future of work....