Book Launch Gladiator: The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018

Book Launch Gladiator: The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018

This book is perfect for anyone who loves actionable content without a lot of fluff."  ~ Steve Scott, Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Are you Struggling to Create a Launch Plan for Your Book?

Do you have a finished manuscript but are scared to hit publish?

Do you have no idea how to market your book?

Are you completely overwhelmed by all of the publishing and marketing decisions you have to make?

Fear not contender!

Welcome to the only guide written by someone on the front lines that will show you how to succeed in the Kindle world. By learning how to become a Book Launch Gladiator you will reign victorious in the Kindle Colosseum, where many others have failed. 

In this book you will learn:

How to make decisions on KDP Select, pricing, and most importantly, launch timing How to set up your book for marketing success through crafting the perfect book description, book title, and making sure you have a great book cover How to get the bare minimum of reviews for your book (and more if you want them) complete with tools and recommendations What to do during launch week instead of just incessantly checking sales numbers A guide to continued marketing success in your writing career

Jordan wants you to succeed as a new author, and the process packed within these pages will lead you towards your goal. It isn’t an easy journey, and this book doesn’t pull its punches, but by the end you will have a much better grasp on the process as a whole. 

Learn how to do book marketing the right way, without loads of money or time. Becoming a book launch gladiator requires careful planning, and this book will be your guide to meet that end. 

If you want to launch a book that receives the coveted Amazon best seller tag, gets more than 3 reviews on launch day, and doesn’t immediately fade into the abyss of similar Kindle titles, this is the book for you. 

Grab this book right now and become one step closer to becoming the author of your dreams. 

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    Book Launch Gladiator: The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018 Reviews

  • Bernard Jan

    New authors, pay attention to this book! If only I had it last year when I was stumbling through the catacombs of self-publishing, trying to figure out what to do, where and when! I had a few good fri...

  • Graham Downs

    I've read quite a few books on marketing since becoming an author, so I'm going to review this one in the context of those.There are a couple of things I liked, and a few I didn't.First off, I really ...

  • David Styles

    First and foremost, this is a great overview of the process of launching a book, with stacks of information and resources for such.To be clear, what it’s NOT is a guide to the rest of how to publish...

  • Iola

    Book Launch Gladiator starts by emphasising the importance of building a platform well in advance of launching your first book, with an emphasis on the importance of launching a good number of reviews...

  • Rica

    Ideas good; execution needs workPlenty of good ideas, marred by constant repetition, redundancy, and grammatical errors. Author apparently either ignored his own advice about getting books professiona...

  • J.A. McLachlan

    Book Launch Gladiator is a useful guide for any new author about to launch his/her book on Amazon. It contains valuable information on launching and marketing both fiction and non-fiction books. It's ...

  • Prakash Sharma

    A must read piece of work!Learning is a continuous process. Every author learns from his/her success or failures. But there must be something to guide the beginners and I am sure this short read is wo...

  • Scott A.

    Outstanding book for new authorsI know quite a few writers who don't take advantage of these tactics , and that mystifies me . Why go to all the effort to write a book and yet pay so little attention ...

  • Ivory R

    Book Launch Gladiator is a well organized guide on how to market your book without loads of money. It is another book that I wish I had read when trying to assist my mom in marketing her book. These a...

  • Lee Rubsam

    Book Launch Gladiator is a marketing book geared toward new authors. While the topic is specific to e-books at Amazon, some of the info could also be applied to other e-book retailers and to print boo...