The Food of Northern Thailand: A Cookbook

The Food of Northern Thailand: A Cookbook

JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST - Welcome to a beautiful, deep dive into the cuisine and culture of northern Thailand with a documentarian's approach, a photographer's eye, and a cook's appetite.

Known for its herbal flavors, rustic dishes, fiery dips, and comforting noodles, the food of northern Thailand is both ancient and ever evolving. Travel province by province, village by village, and home by home to meet chefs, vendors, professors, and home cooks as they share their recipes for Muslim-style khao soi, a mild coconut beef curry with boiled and crispy fried noodles, or spiced fish steamed in banana leaves to an almost custard-like texture, or the intense, numbingly spiced meat "salads" called laap.

Featuring many recipes never before described in English and snapshots into the historic and cultural forces that have shaped this region's glorious cuisine, this journey may redefine what we think of when we think of Thai food.

Title:The Food of Northern Thailand: A Cookbook
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    The Food of Northern Thailand: A Cookbook Reviews

  • Stephen Simpson

    How much can you like a cookbook that has almost no recipes you'd ever want to make? This book is interesting as a record of a cuisine most Americans never see (as opposed to the food in most Thai res...

  • Gabrielle

    This is a beautiful book that I'll never cook from. In the intro, Bush is up front about not pulling any punches with traditional, obscure ingredients, and he's not kidding. Not only does he include i...

  • Ashani  Hettige

    Heavily relied on culture of Northern Thailand and I appreciate the hardships the author has gone through to deliver the book to readers. And broke the news of ,there's so much more to know about Thai...

  • Quailynn

    Helpful to understanding Thai cuisine I learned about some new ingredients that I’m especially excited to experiment with. Interesting way the book was written. I like the approach very educational ...

  • Elizabeth

    Overall, a decent book. The short sections on types of food, spices, little slices of life were really good. The photos were excellent. Honestly, I don't plan on making any recipes from this book. I'm...

  • Ietrio

    What looks to be a nice cook book turns out to be quite a joke. Yea, it is full color and probably "traditional", whatever that might mean, but the recipes are not that many as there is a lot of text ...