Ultimate Predatorpedia: The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever

Ultimate Predatorpedia: The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever

The natural world experts at National Geographic present the ultimate reference book on predators, teeming with fascinating facts, lively text, and tons of cool, colorful images of the fiercest, fastest, most amazing predators on planet Earth.

Welcome to the amazing world of creatures who prey on others for their survival: From high-profile sharks, lions, tigers, and bears to the tiniest ants, mites, and spiders. Every animal in this book is ferocious, fierce, and fantastic in its own way! With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia features profiles accompanied by Did You Know details, and fast facts (including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat), as well as thematic spreads covering topics from predatory techniques to defenses and communication, and much more.

Fans of Ultimate Dinopedia, Ultimate Bugopedia, and Ultimate Reptileopedia in the same series, will want to find a place for Ultimate Predatorpedia on their bookshelves.

Title:Ultimate Predatorpedia: The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever
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    Ultimate Predatorpedia: The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever Reviews

  • Kailey (Luminous Libro)

    Everything you ever wanted to know about every kind of predator is in this book! With categories that talk about each type of animal, sections that address fangs, claws, wings, and special pages for e...

  • Stacie

    Which of these animals is a predator: Lion, Dog, European Hedgehog, Tiger, Robin, Turkey Vulture, or Ladybug? If you guessed all of them, you would be right. But, when you think of a predator, the obv...

  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd http://mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.com

    This book is quite speculator! Within this amazing book there are hundreds of photos of some of the coolest things about predators. In addition to all the fabulous photos, there are facts and tidbits ...

  • Kristi Bernard

    If you are wondering what a predator really is, this guide will help you figure it out and see these animals in action with fantastic photos. A predator is an animal that kills and eats other animals....

  • PottWab Regional Library