Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light


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2041 Sanctuary (2: Let There Be Light) - Book Two, Part Two of Ancient Origins.
NOTE: This book is best enjoyed after reading 2040 Revelations and 2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent) beforehand. -----------------------------------

2041 Sanctuary (2: Let There Be Light)

In the darkness, you can’t always trust the light.

A year has passed since the asteroid AG5 impacted off the South African coastline and civilisation teeters on the brink of collapse beneath the all-encompassing dust cloud which encircles the planet. As those on the surface struggle to survive a devastating impact winter, the world’s finest assemble on the International Space Station for a covert mission that could change the course of all life on Earth. But as the clock ticks down to zero hour, it’s clear … everything is not as it seems.

Back in the United States, the once all powerful Professor Steiner, visionary engineer and former Director General of the Global Meteor Response Council’s vast Subterranean Programme, is about to be tried for masterminding a horrific act of terrorism. As calls for the death penalty gain momentum, those that sit in judgement are unaware that Steiner holds the key not just to their survival, but to the survival of the entire human race. If Professor Steiner is to survive, his only chance lies with an FBI agent who would see him dead ten times over and his nemesis, the world’s most wanted criminal, the elusive cyber terrorist, Da Muss Ich, both of whom hide secrets of their own. Elsewhere, Richard Goodwin, deposed Director of USSB Steadfast, and Sarah Morgan, the English archaeologist, remain marooned in separate locations within the colossal underground realm known as Sanctuary. Both seek a way to the surface, but while neither will meet, their shared purpose will attract the attention of another denizen of the deep, and as Goodwin already knows to his cost: in the darkness, you can’t always trust the light.

Title:Let There Be Light
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    3.5 starsOverall this series is a 4.5 for me. Love it. It’s fascinating. I just truly hope the fourth book is not as exasperating as the third. This book is so frustrating. The series is exciting an...

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    The third book in the series continues the story of various groups of people trying to figure out how to survive the coming destruction of the surface of the earth. Joiner continues his egocentric, vi...

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    Spellbinding!You will not want to put this book down. As the storyline develops the characters grow upon you. The plot twists are not predictable and makes you hang from the edge of your seat in antic...

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    Wow. The best yet!Non-stop action. Thrilling me to keep turning the pages (albeit virtual ones). But I was unable to out this book down. Not as much back story to this one but it's not needed as long ...

  • Adam Caus

    This series is certainly evolving... and I like where it's going....

  • Janet

    Excellent read in a series of excellent books.The author has caught and held my attention through the three books in the series. I look forward to more....

  • Dan Simmet

    2041 Sanctuary Volume 3Excellent continuation of the Sanctuary series! Some really intense action going on in this book! I can't wait to read the finale. ...

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    Great seriesGreat series full of action details and background. I love the multiple stories going at once it really keeps you thinking ...