Dark Descent

Dark Descent


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When mankind stumbled upon an enormous structure buried deep in the bowels of the Earth, it was decided its location and existence would remain a closely guarded secret ... with good reason. It seems whoever created this ancient world knew something we didn't ...

It is a lesson from history we have learned to accept
The only problem is … for many of us

… that lesson might have come too late

Please note Dark Descent can be read as a standalone novel; however, reading Ancient Origins: Revelations, Book One of Ancient Origins, beforehand is recommended for heightened enjoyment.
Ancient Origins: Dark Descent (Book Two of Ancient Origins)
[Previously entitled: 2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent)]

"Humanity’s greatest discovery ... the journey has only just begun."

Sarah Morgan is trapped, a prisoner in a highly classified subterranean facility, the existence of which is undeniable proof of the most amazing discovery in human history. If Sarah is to unleash this forbidden knowledge, she must use all her skills and tenacity to escape to the surface; against the odds can she achieve her life’s ambition and expose the truth to the world?

Above ground, the peoples of planet Earth struggle to come to terms with their new existence after the impact of the asteroid, AG5. Plunged into darkness, the dust cloud kicked up by the meteorite seeks to destroy the fragile order of civilisation itself. In this new, sunless world a courageous BBC newsreader, Jessica Klein, attempts to fight those in power and wrest from them a secret she may wish she’d never known. Elsewhere, two men working for the GMRC, the behemoth that is the Global Meteor Response Council, are struggling against monumental adversity thrust upon them by one of their own. Professor Steiner and Richard Goodwin may be humanity’s greatest hope, but their destinies are shrouded by a chaos neither can control. Running out of luck, choices and time they must reclaim their chosen paths or watch those around them wither and die.

Title:Dark Descent
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    Dark Descent Reviews

  • Charles Haddad

    Good bookA bit slow at places, this book builds up on the original and seems to set up a foundation for what's yet to come......

  • Allyn Nichols

    Absolutely astounding tale. In my opinion even better that its predecessor. More in the series to read too. Blown away.5\5...

  • Tai

    This was (and the series is) an engaging and interesting read. It is imaginative and fun.There were a couple of issues that were distracting. Some were very simple things, like revolvers don't have sa...

  • Solitarius Lupus

    The characters that annoyed me with their juvenile behavior and ridiculous dialogue in the first book of the series became even more grating in this one--so much so that I will not be reading the othe...

  • Barbara

    Some time has passed (after Ancient Origins #1), and we get deeper into the "what's going on" and leave two story lines hanging, and coming close to merging in the end. We continue to follow Sarah and...

  • David Taylor

    I had previously read the first book in this series, so when I saw a set with the first three books I decided to continue on with the series. I'm convinced this was a very good decision. I've become h...

  • Sara Troyer

    I will admit, I am glad this book is finished so I can move on to something better. The archaeologists are painfully juvenile, at times seeming to emanate from the halls of a high school. I am mildly ...

  • Sarah Crawford

    This multi-book series continues with the Global Meteor Response Council up to its usual nasty tricks, having become an almost all-powerful organization globally. The first meteor had struck off South...

  • Ronny

    Still enjoying the book, there were however quite a few instances where the writing/grammatical weirdness made me think the editor could've done a better job though. Some character quibbles (but in th...

  • Thor Stambaugh

    An excellent continuation of the first book. Great character development and good interweaving of separate story lines. On the other hand, the conditions on the surface I cannot believe. There is no w...