Een Idea verschijnt

Een Idea verschijnt


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رسّام متمكِّن من التقاط الأسرار المتخفِّية خلف وجوه الأشخاص الذين يرسمهم. لوحة مُربكة رسمها فنّانٌ كبيرٌ، عُثِرَ عليها بعد عشرات السنوات في سقيفة بيت. دبيبٌ في غابةٍ محاطةٍ بجيرانٍ غريبي الأطوار. وثمَّة جرسٌ برنينه المهيب والمحزن ينسلّ بين أشجار الغابة في قلب الليل.
رواية حول قوَّة الفنّ البنَّاءة وقوَّة العنف الهدّامة؛ حول القدرة على جعل هشاشتنا ذهبًا، مهما بدتْ أيَّامُنا قاتمةً.
كعادته، موراكامي يَفْتننا بكشفه للخارقِ فينا داخل رتابتنا، عاثرًا على السحر في تفاصيل حياتنا اليوميَّة".
The Guardian

في "مقتل الكومنداتور"، تتحرَّك عبقريَّةُ موراكامي بأسلوبٍ بديعٍ بين الواقع والهذيان.
Der Spiegel

Title:Een Idea verschijnt
Edition Language:Dutch
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  • Christian

    Very typical Murakami story: I would say the style is something between 1Q84 and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Here's the Murakami bingo after book one (taking some liberties): (no bingo yet!)Up until a...

  • Meike

    In Germany, Murakami's latest tome is published in two parts, the first one entitled: "Killing Commendatore 1: An Idea Appears" - and you know why? Because one of the characters in this book is an ide...

  • ?ntellecta

    I´ve read the book “Die Ermordung des Commendator” written by Haruki Murakami. This novel is the perfect example for a typical plot of Murakami, because there are not only myths, magic and surrea...

  • Auntie Terror

    3.5 stars - getting better towards the end (oft this 1st part), but sometimes felt so similar to the Wind-up Bird Chronicle in points/themes that I'm not sure what to think.....

  • Alex

    Being a Haruki Fan, having read all his novels, this book was a real Murakami, it didn't disappoint me. I am happy, that there is another volume to read. I am sad that after I will have read it, it wi...

  • Liviu

    read it twice quite closely as it it is full of symbolism and raises a lot of questions and expectations - volume 2 (ie second half of the book since this is just a novel split in 2 in various countri...

  • Maria Joo

    Review (and rating) to come after I finish the second volume....

  • Noor

    Murakami always keeps me company...

  • Juno

    so to be honest, I wanted to throw this book against the wall multiple times. There jad a lot of unnecessary scenes which added nothing to it. Murakami definitely isn't a bad writer but he really has ...

  • Naoko Nishimura

    Just finished reading the original Japanese version. It wasn‘t bad. I’d love to talk about its meaning or interpretation, but for this book I think ”It’s better to keep metaphor uninterpreted....