Red on the Inside

Red on the Inside


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The Awake in the Dark saga continues.
Red on the Inside is book 3 in the epic 5 volume paranormal suspense series. New to the series? Get the first book here:

The events of Bled White (Awake in the Dark #2) leave Grobnagger drained, often struggling to keep from falling asleep. He shuffles through life half awake, half tethered to reality. He still has no idea what is happening to him, but he's not sure he even cares anymore.

When those that mean him harm finally begin to assert themselves, however, Grobnagger finds himself and his friends under direct threat of death. Plans are made to cross over and rescue Amity once and for all from her vulnerable position in the other world. But his adversaries are one step ahead and a violent spectacle becomes inevitable. His adventures to this point may have changed him some, but now Grobnagger will never be the same.

What readers are saying about Red on the Inside:

"'Red on the Inside' is a metaphysical mindfreak that had me pondering my existence for hours after I put the book down." - Liza Robbins

"So far the best book of the series in my opinion... I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment." - Jeff Gilpin

"Everything in the story is so clear that I often felt like I was right there in the world they created." - Heather DiAngelis

Praise for the Awake in the Dark series:

"Fade to Black is the funniest book I've read in... I can't remember how long. Seriously funny. I think I laughed out loud roughly once every three pages. That's a lot of funny packed into one book! And not just an internal chuckle here and there, but an honest to goodness laugh out loud that made my significant other call, 'What?' from the next room repeatedly." - Lisbeth Ames

"(FADE TO BLACK) weirdly resonates with me. It is sneaky in a way – it holds the things we fear up to the light – opening the reader up to honesty – to love and hope and the truths of our souls found in the darkest of nights. It’s weird and dark and twisted – and real. And I recommend the trip." - Leiah Cooper,

"Buy it, read it, laugh your butt off over it and trust me you’ll likely love the heck out of this book." - Horror Chick,

"I don't normally give five stars, but "Fade to Black" gets five stars from me for one reason: I haven't been this excited about a book in a long time. As I mentioned earlier, I am eagerly awaiting the second novel in the series, because I have to see what happens. It kind of reminds me of the feeling I got the first time I watched Lost, the TV series. It feels like my eyes have been opened to a universe of possibilities, and I cannot wait to see how McBain and Vargus explore that world." - E. Branden Hart,

"Grobnagger's narration is hilarious. There are going to be times while reading this that you find yourself laughing even while he's breaking your heart." - eden Hudson, author of HALO BOUND

"Chuck Palahniuk (crossed with) the Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series." - Drunkle Dan, The Drunken Beardsmen podcast

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-Paranormal Suspense series
-Psychological Horror
-Psychological Thriller
-Occult Horror
-Metaphysical Fiction

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    Red on the Inside Reviews

  • Elizabeth Robbins

    Wow! Book 3 totally blew me away...It was actually worth the wait. "Red on the Inside" is a metaphysical mindfreak that had me pondering my existence for hours after I put the book down. I recommend r...

  • Audrey

    The idea of the story is excellent, however the follow-through was severely lacking. I was so disappointed in character development, and the self-loathing of the main character became too much. The fi...

  • Lori Stevenson

    This isn’t a review, I just feel awful giving this two stars because it’s not a fair review- I read the first two books FIVE YEARS AGO so I have barely any memory of them. I really should have re-...

  • Nancy Silk

    "Jumping Off The Cliff"In this third paranormal suspense story, Jeff Grobnagger tries to stay awake as he is still trying to find out why he has these horrible dreams when he has seizures. He becomes ...

  • Melanie Foxfire

    This one was hard for me to read. I love the series, and its a great book, but its very emotionally charged and painful at times. Read the whole series, and after you read this one you will definitely...

  • Kevin Going

    Never finished this one. Was waiting for progression, put the book down and never picked it back up. ...

  • D. George

    My least favorite so far. Hoping #4 and #5 will be substantially better....

  • eden Hudson

    When you're reading a series with characters who grow and change, and worlds that develop and are either saved or lost or at the very least finally understood, you expect one of the books (usually the...

  • Jennifer Tooker

    Nowhere is safeRed on the Inside, the third in the “Awake in the Dark” paranormal series is very much a transition time for Jeff Grobnagger. After proof of Riston Farber’s recent return to the l...

  • E. Hart

    First and foremost: You should only read this book if you've read the first two--"Fade to Black" and "Bled White." If you don't heed my advice on this, you will have no clue what's going on. Good news...