Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a combat helicopter pilot

Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a combat helicopter pilot


Description: Vietnam Saga is the very personal story of Stan Corvin’s often-perilous times in the
U.S. Army as a two-tour helicopter pilot in Vietnam. It is a true-life story of a pilot who fought for
freedom and often his very life. Vietnams Saga is also a story about the meaning of life. Standing
back from his war experience, Stan reflects on his ever-present faith and how it carried him
through this challenging period of his life. Originally written as a legacy to Stan Corvin’s family-
something that will be passed down for many generations-Vietnam Saga is now an opportunity
for you to share in the legacy and the personal recollections, memories, thoughts, fears and shed
tears of a decorated and dedicated American military pilot. The book also contains numerous

Title:Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a combat helicopter pilot
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    Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a combat helicopter pilot Reviews

  • Randall Parker

    One of the better Vietnam pilot booksIf only the bravery of the pilots had been matched with equal amounts of wisdom by Westmoreland and other top officers and LBJ. But no.Corvin hated the communists....

  • Nick Vanderwal

    The author has compiled an excellent portrayal of his life as a warrior-helicopter pilot. He is certainly on the aggressive side as is expected of people in the position he is in. He describes some sc...

  • Stuart Austwick

    Not the best book I have read, but as Mr Corvin points out, it wasn’t originally meant to be published.Some of his poetry is heart touching and has incredible beauty.Overall this book is well worth ...

  • Janie Ledbetter

    Only the Lord & we few that lived it can truly understand!I was one of the lucky ones like the author who survived 3 hours in SEA mostly where we weren't dispose to be. Assigned to an organization tha...

  • Itsoruss

    Amazing career and experiences of a Loach pilot in the Nam. Later on he flew top secret missions in Chinooks, Huey slicks and even being trained to fly the Cobra. The author was twice awarded the DFC ...

  • Kenneth Simmons

    Great StoryAs a fellow Texan I always cheer for the good ol boys I grew up around. Stan seems to be the perfect example of the same guys I knew then and now. This is one of the finest accounts I’ve ...

  • david w smith

    Amazing storyThis ranks up there as one of my favourite Vietnam war memoirs. This guy did it all, Scout pilot, Huey pilot, CIA pilot. Extremely well written, hard hitting at times. If the end doesn't ...

  • Gerald W. Kelso

    Amazing accountI've read many Vietnam books, and this one is truly incredible. Corbin is as aggressive and fearless anyone I have ever read about . Lucky too. God surely was watching over him....

  • Ron Vander Hart

    The bestThis is the best flying book about the Vietnam war that I have read. I couldn't put it down. Wish it was 1000 pages so I could enjoy it more. What a story; what bravery. Well written by a very...

  • Danielle H

    Great bookThe book was right on. Stan did a great job writing what it takes to be the best. I really feel for the guys at the end of the war with little support. ...