One Good Gentleman

One Good Gentleman


, 99-cents, not-jaff, Romance

Her virtue or her dreams . . . which must she abandon?

Emilia Glasbarr doesn’t want to be a country miss with a yard full of geese and a scant handful of neighbors. She wants the music, theatre and art found in Scotland’s capital city. She’s sunk her every resource into finishing school to find a city-dwelling husband. Unfortunately, the only man interested wants her for a far less savory purpose.

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Title:One Good Gentleman
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    One Good Gentleman Reviews

  • Teresa

    Not a bad book. The hero was a little wet for me. He believed anything anyone said a bit too readily. I know it was to move the story on but at times I felt like saying to him, 'oh come on'. It's a li...

  • J. W. Garrett

    This was Book 1 in the ‘Rules of Refinement’ series and book 5 in ‘The Marriage Maker’ series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I actually have two copies, an e-book and a paperback. I recently...

  • Debbie

    This is a cute, diverting Regency romance. A country girl, Miss Emilia Glassbarr, has talked her parents into allowing her to spend her dowry money on Lady Peddington's School for Young Ladies in the ...

  • Jeanie's Kindle

    A Schoolgirl and a DrunkardSeriously, who thinks a lass right out of the classroom and a gentleman twice engaged and deep in his cups is a good match? No matter how refined, rich or English! He is rec...

  • Bridget Lewis

    Country mouse? Emilia wants music, theatre and art no more country life! Robert is drinking himself to death over a treacherous woman! Enter the match maker requesting Robert save Emilia from a marrie...

  • Margaret A

    ReviewI love this series! The twists and turns to get to a happy ending is amazing. The stories are always new with one constant, Sir Sterling. I wish he would occasionally bring up his wife and famil...

  • Donna Foster

    That was like watching a movie!This was so worth reading. It give a good feeling. These are all short reads short well worth your time.enjoy this series....

  • Ann Gonzalez

    Love the seriesI adore this series and Sir Stirling's way of getting couples together. A few errors, but nothing too horrible. Enjoyable characters and plot....

  • Tom Prejsner

    Love reading romance novelsThank you for sharing these wonderful books. Please keep writing more series books. Love to read any romance books. Thank you...

  • Jennifer Becker

    Good read Such a sweet story. Loved the chemistry and intrigue. The Viscount wasnt as bad as I thought. Glad everything worked out. ...