A Casual Encounter

A Casual Encounter


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From the “master of creating compelling, beautiful, flawed characters” (Taylor Jenkins Reid) and author of the “brave” (Us Weekly) and “compelling” (PopSugar) It Happens All the Time, comes a seductive, nuanced novel about a seemingly average married couple exploring an unconventional arrangement—but at what cost?

You think you know your neighbors. But when it comes to Jake and Jessica Snyder, you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

Jake and Jessica Snyder are content. At least, that’s what they’ve have been telling themselves. Both successful professionals in their late thirties, they live in a comfortable home in a picturesque Seattle suburb, and are busy juggling their careers and raising two teenagers from Jessica’s first marriage. What more could they want?

But the Snyders have come to realize that contentment isn’t everything. One evening, they conclude a long-overdue date night with a detour into a crowded club, where Jessica is approached by an attractive stranger. On a whim, Jake urges her to dance with him. He watches as this other man touches his wife, seeing with new eyes just how alluring she is. Jessica is shocked by her husband’s response—and even more shocked by the arousal that lingers for both of them. Emboldened, they decide to test the boundaries of their discovery.

Jessica’s friends would never guess the secret behind her renewed marital passion. They have no idea that Jake is encouraging her to sleep with other men, as long as she follows a few agreed-upon rules to protect their marriage and safety. As her sexual confidence grows, her relationship with Jake becomes closer and richer than ever before. That is, until Jessica lets one liaison get out of hand, breaking their most important rule, and threatening to destroy their world forever.

A sexy and insightful look into the shifting definitions of marriage, fulfillment, and the complexities and consequences of desire, A Casual Encounter is a novel that will make you question everything you thought you believed about monogamy, and will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

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    3.5 Stars. 💋 OK, First of all, I really didn't like this cover.Like, who put that lipstic on? Kylie Jenner...? LOL 😬😂It's a taboo book about marriage - it's forbidden, bold, wrong... But M...

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    REVIEW: 4.5 STARS"In that bedroom, I wasn't a mother or a wife. I was simply a woman. I was Jessica." I love when a book is so different that it has me more turning the pages with wonder and curios...

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    "Here I am, on a Saturday night, in the arms of a man we found together. He is smart, funny. He understands our need for discretion.He knows that he is only a visitor".A Casual Encounterby Amy Hatvany...

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    Oh my. DNF at 14% after the female protagonist criticized her college-professor mother for having a career; shamed her ex-husband's current wife for having breast enhancements; and also shamed the sam...

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    Jake and Jessica have the typical marriage. They love one another, but time has dulled the spark in their sex life, and the hustle of everyday life has eclipsed intimacy in their relationship. One inn...

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    As you may already know, Amy Hatvany is one of my favorite authors. When I heard about the topic of Tell Me Everything, I had some reservations at first, but then I knew that she would do something gr...

  • Jamie

    I am so upset to be giving an Amy Hatvany novel a 1 star but I just couldn't get past the smut in this book. I am not a prude and don't care about sex scenes but there was no depth and this just wasn'...

  • Michele

    Jessica and Jake Snyder are happily married. They are busy with their respective careers and co-parenting two teenagers along with Jessica's ex-husband and his wife. With the chaos of everyday life, t...

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    Let's say you're married. It's your second marriage, and your husband treats your two children from your previous marriage as if they're his own. In the early days of your relationship, you couldn't g...

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    Wow! What an intriguing and complex story!On its face, it’s a hotwife story that goes off the rails. But it’s really about a community of relationship; principally married couples’ plus some “...