The Drachma Killers

The Drachma Killers


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The Drachma Killers.

The reason that Oric Rune became a Player Killer continues to loom at the back of his mind as he makes his way north with Sam Raid and Wolf.

All is well until an ambush throws a wrench in their plans, forcing Oric to come to grips with his digital existence, and the fragile lives of those closest to him.

With the Red Plague spreading, and the denizens of Unigaea becoming increasingly hostile, Oric must decide if he should go after those who have ambushed and betrayed him, continue his personal quest to rid Unigaea of the Drachma Killers, or ride north to the Rune Lands and address the Red Plague head on.

Joining Oric and Wolf this time around are the mysterious Deathdale, a scholarly giant named Lothar, and a powerful Hourglass Mage, whose control over the game-time continuum may be the key to saving Unigaea.

Betrayal, vengeance, unspeakable calamity.

The second installment of the Last Warrior trilogy offers an unforgettable journey through a dark fantasy world filled with LitRPG elements, intense action, humor, and an ending you won’t see coming.

Title:The Drachma Killers
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    The Drachma Killers Reviews

  • Sinisa Mikasinovic

    Part two over, huh? That was quick!With a runtime of 05:56, two minutes shorter than the first part, it wasn't a reading challenge. I swallowed the book in two days while commuting.Exactly like this g...

  • Travis

    Once again, I enjoyed this book, it was a pretty decent story, and it flowed well, even if it didn't exactly make complete sense at times, though I guess that's what comes of having a hero who likes d...

  • Liquid Frost

    The Last Warrior of Unigaea: The Drachma Killers is book two in the planned trilogy. Cooper does something out of the norm on this round - he kills characters. Who, What, How? I'm not about to spoil t...

  • Kai

    The Drachma Killers continues with Oric and Wolf to seek their revenge against the Drachma Killers and to find the sources causing the Red Plague. Sam Raid, Deathdale, a Solar Mage, and Lothar, a gian...

  • Kay Smillie

    Great to have Oric, Sam and Wolf back with us. They've been missed!I feel this is an ever so slightly slower paced read than the first book in parts, but I can assure you it is no less exciting, actio...

  • Scott

    Its a return for our vengeful heroes as they have a two fold purpose now, save the world and get some well deserved revenge in the meantime.Straightforward , no as we soon find out that things are jus...

  • Norma

    ( Format : Audiobook )"Male pride is another word for sheer stupidity."With the remarkably multi voiced, talented Mr.Jeff Hayes narrating another book of imaginative fun and adventure by Mr.Harmon Coo...

  • Vilius

    The story made even less sense than in the previous book. There were plenty of times when something was shown as if this would have some consequences later in the story only for it to not matter at al...

  • Joe

    Audible Version. The book definitely ends on a cliffhanger, but felt it was a great short story. The progress moves along well and never felt slow or boring. We learn a lot about some of the character...

  • Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower

    Amazing story! With one of the best narrators, you feel engrossed. I like the addition of Annie Ellicott. So if you want a cool, fun listen by this audiobook!...