Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu

Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu


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Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an upsurge in unrighteousness, at that time, I take birth again.
Born in the quiet village of Shambala, Kalki Hari, son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, has no idea about his heritage until he is pitted against tragedies and battles.
Whisked into the province of Keekatpur, which is under the fist of Lord Kali, Kalki sees the ignominy of death trumping life all around him. He learns that he has been born to cleanse the world he lives in, for which he must journey to the North and learn the ways of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar; from an immortal who wields an axe.
But trapped in the midst of betrayals, political intrigue and forces that seek to decimate him, will he be able to follow his destiny before the Kaliyug begins?

Title:Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu
Edition Language:English
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    Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar Of Vishnu Reviews

  • Vishnu Chevli

    Mythological books are my weakness I cannot resist them no matter how many books in that genre I collect. All credit goes to Amish Tripathi. But a few authors were able to match his work of Shiva Tril...

  • Riddhima

    I have never disliked a book as much as this. Bad English and deplorable grammar coupled with poor framing of sentences made reading the first 10 chapters a task, until sense prevailed and I put it do...

  • Dilip Chauhan

    First a big thank you to author who provided me the copy of this book. I am glad to have this book. Below are the rating.Plot - 4 ­čîčCharacters - 3.5 ­čîčNarration -4 ­čîčBook cover - 4.5 ­čîčOver al...

  • Avinash (pookreads)

    This is a Book Review for Dharmayoddha Kalki by Kevin Missal..The blurb:Born in the quiet village of Shambala, Kalki Hari, son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, has no idea about his heritage until he is pitt...

  • Chaitra

    Interesting book. Great plot with a perfect blend of politics and the struggles of the commoners. Sometimes seemed too filmy....

  • PeaAndBooks

    Hope dashed and dreams crashed.Dharmayoddha Kalki:Avatar Of Vishnu is a book based on Hindu mythology and is written by an Indian youth- Mr. Kevin Missal.Now we can count Indian writers' fantasy or my...

  • Murali Ryan

    Kalki by Kevin Missal is an mythological fiction, nothing is do with original kalki nor ramayanam/mahabharatham. The story is based on the sayings from Lord Govind, avatar of vishnu ÔÇťWhenever there ...

  • Kajal Dhamija

    I was really interested to pick this particular book as I'd heard some great things about it. I finally got my hands on the book, with great expectations from it.I was not particularly impressed when ...

  • Tavleen Kaur (Travelling Through Words)

    Kalki Hari, a simple village boy with extraordinary powers learns that he has a bigger purpose to serve in the universe. Lord Kali has taken over the province of Keekatpur. Kalki along with his brothe...

  • Rajan

    Lord Vishnu is the operator of universes. He comes to earth in human form when there is extreme evil to finish it off. There are four Yugs. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Ram in Treata Yug and Krishna in D...