Declare War On Yourself: How to Get Your Act and Life Together to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Declare War On Yourself: How to Get Your Act and Life Together to Become the Best Version of Yourself


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In Declare War on Yourself, you'll learn:

- What it means to actually “have your act together”

- Why only 3% of us actually have our life together

- Why society’s definition of “having your act together” is wrong

- Reasons we’re lazy, we don’t push ourselves, and we keep giving up

- People and situations keeping you from getting your act together

- How what you’re programming your mind with is helping you or hurting you

- How much time you’re actually wasting on useless thoughts and activities

- The things really stopping you from moving in the right direction

- The thoughts, emotions, feelings, people, places, and things getting in your way

- The emotions sabotaging you, holding you back, and moving you backwards

- How to eliminate “chaos” from your mind, daily routine, and life

- How to eliminate the distractions

- How to replace trash habits

- What you need to accept about yourself and your life

- Exactly what’s making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful

- How to reach goals faster and easier

- “Failure” mindsets to eliminate

- Powerful mindsets of the world’s most elite people

- Mental toughness – how to develop it

- How to make self-control and self-discipline easier

- How controlling emotions plays a big part in bad situations

- What to do when everything is spinning out of control and you feel like giving up

- How to talk to yourself during difficult times and situations

- How to make big challenges small enough to handle easily

- A cheap, effective, and easy-to-get tool that helps you clear your mind

- How “micro-emotions” are effecting you every minute of every day

- How to “zero out” and relax when emotions are getting too extreme

- How often you should share emotions and what it makes others think of you

- How the world’s most effective and elite people handle emotions to get their “edge”

- How the state of your home relates to directly to having your act together

- The first thing you should do when you wake up

- Which parts of your home to keep clean and organized and why it’s important

- The best time of day to do your home cleaning so it’s the easiest and fastest

- The proper relationship with your superiors and co-workers

- Besides making money, what you should and shouldn’t be at work for

- What to before you start your work day

- Tools to make your job easier and help you power through boring tasks and projects

- How to have better focus, get things done, and become more productive

- How to manage your time and evaluate progress

- How getting your social act together makes you more likable and trustworthy

- How to set social boundaries with yourself and others and why it's important

- Social formalities that get you more respect

- Powerful social techniques to get the attention of the right people

- Habits, behaviors, and thoughts you don’t need in your social life

- A proper relationship with your money so you can make more and keep what you have

- The one position that makes you financially happier

- Money’s real purpose and what it doesn’t do for you

- The real differences between broke people and rich people

- When and how you should use credit and debt

- Why you should save and how much you should be saving to avoid compromising positions

- Time – how important it should be to you and how to spend it wisely

- Plans, processes, and procedures that help you reach your goals faster

- How to become extremely specific about your goals

- What setbacks mean and how to handle them

- The most important things to do before you get your day started

- How to get your mind on the right track so you’re thinking the right thoughts, having the right feelings, and doing the right things

- How to hit your targets, avoid distractions, and make your day easier

- Which counter-productive activities to avoid

- The most important things to do before you go to bed

Title:Declare War On Yourself: How to Get Your Act and Life Together to Become the Best Version of Yourself
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