The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Volume II

The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Volume II

World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes --
General introduction / by Kyle Freeman --
Introduction to Volume II / by Kyle Freeman --
Note on conveyances --
Return of Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the empty house ; Adventure of the Norwood builder ; Adventure of the dancing men ; Adventure of the solitary cyclist ; Adventure of the priory school ; Adventure of Black Peter ; Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton ; Adventure of the six Napoleons ; Adventure of the three students ; Adventure of the golden ponce-nez ; Adventure of the missing three-quarter ; Adventure of the Abbey Grange ; Adventure of the second stain --
Valley of fear --
His last bow: Adventure of Wisteria Lodge: Singular experience of Mr. John Scott Eccles ; Tiger of San Pedro ; Adventure of the cardboard box ; Adventure of the red circle ; Adventure of Bruce-Partington plans ; Adventure of the dying detective ; Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax ; Adventure of the devil's foot ; His last bow --
Case book of Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the illustrious client ; Adventure of the blanched soldier ; Adventure of the Mazarin stone ; Adventure of the three gables ; Adventure of the Sussex vampire ; Adventure of the three garridebs ; Problem of Thor Bridge ; Adventure of the creeping man ; Adventure of the lion's mane ; Adventure of the veiled lodger ; Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place ; Adventure of the retired colourman --
Introduction to Doyle's parodies --
Two parodies by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Field bazaar ; How Watson learned the trick --
Two essays by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Truth about Sherlock Holmes ; Some personalia about Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Title:The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Volume II
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    The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Volume II Reviews

  • Amy Sturgis

    Reading the complete Sherlock Holmes canon by Arthur Conan Doyle in these two volumes has been a remarkably rewarding experience. I'm truly sorry to be finished with these stories and novels (although...

  • Lauren Kammerdiener

    It's kind of hard to write a review for this, considering it's a bind up of various short stories. I do want to say Arthur Conan Doyle is a really great writer, and every time I read his Sherlock Holm...

  • Caidyn (NO LONGER ACTIVE; he/him/his)

    The Return of Sherlock Holmes 3.96/5 total!A solid start to the second volume and a very solid volume on its own. There were some that I recognized from BBC Sherlock and I thought that Doyle presente...

  • Nicki

    I enjoyed the first audiobook in the series that I immediately downloaded the next one from the library and loved it just as much....

  • An Odd1

    For Wiki, I check, correct, verify, add, such as synopsis for Mazarin Stone, so slow progress here. Summaries have spoilers, so here I'll extract teasers, enough to remind me, postpone opinions to aft...

  • MC

    Sherlock Holmes has had many adventures, but in this second volume of stories, he may have met his match, that of an author who was apparently weary of his resurrected character, and out of ideas. Ton...

  • Matt

    The world’s most revered and famous fictional detective first appeared from the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle almost a 130 years ago, but the author did not finish with his greatest creation until a...

  • Bear

    It was very good, although I think the first book was better. The more I read, the less shocking the reveals became. I was able to predict a number of the stories' conclusions. This may have been a re...

  • Anna Larson

    This was a collection of short stories about how Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective, solved a multitude of mysteries. It is narrated by John Watson, Holmes friend and sidekick. Since this is a collec...

  • Robert Bisbing

    I admit that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle outdid himself on volume 1 and the second volume was a change from the Sherlock we became so fascinated by. However, I still recommend both volumes 1 & 2 for any re...