Mission One (Infinite Sky #1)

Mission One (Infinite Sky #1)


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Five months to Titan. Four brave crew members. One incredible mystery.

Jeff Dolan always wanted to be an astronaut. After helping a private space company build a ship that can travel to Saturn's sixth moon in five months, he gets his chance.

Shortly after launch, a devastating malfunction forces Jeff and the crew to make a choice: continue to Titan, or go back home. As the truth about their mission unravels, one thing is clear: someone on Earth knew about the system flaw and covered it up.

Yet surviving the journey isn't the crew's only concern. Even if they make it to Titan, they will face another problem:

Something is already there.

Fans of thoughtful space exploration science fiction will enjoy this near Earth first contact adventure. This is the first book of the Infinite Sky series, a thrilling addition to space travel fiction.

Title:Mission One (Infinite Sky #1)
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    Mission One (Infinite Sky #1) Reviews

  • Ray Henderson

    It's okay, but full of bad scienceWriting hard science fiction well requires a strong grasp of the science involved. This author doesn't demonstrate that requisite knowledge. Annoying mistakes in gene...

  • Cheryl

    What can I say about this sci-fi adventure. It is an adventure that’s for sure but it got off to such a slow start I was beginning to get a bit bored - just launch into space will you! Also there is...

  • Ay

    Good proper stuff.This is the “private enterprise going to titan for the first time” one.Wonderful plot beats....

  • Suzanne

    An exciting science fiction thriller, Mission One opens when a private spaceship embarks to Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn, on a preliminary mission to establish a research station on the distant m...

  • Joan

    This was FUN! Not particularly great prose, and the science was more than a bit ropey as were some of the facts (really - astronauts changing their underwear every four days, and getting a completely ...

  • Ryan

    Excellent book and cast. Think it would make for a good movie. Very happy with it and definitely will look into any sequels. I enjoyed the plot, other subplots and the cliffhanger ending has me hooked...

  • Satia

    This book started off pedantically. Incredibly boring. Not much in the way to motivate a reader to continue reading. Extremely heavy on observation of 'things' - going over each minute detail is unnec...

  • Jim

    This book was very interesting, but didn’t explain a lot about what happened. We’re definitely in the future for Earth and space travel has become pretty routine with mining operations going on th...

  • Patrick

    Writing Ok, Story, not so muchA billionaire cuts corners on outfitting his expedition in order to beat his rival to an alien artifact but is not culpable for the deaths that follow. He's just a good g...

  • Santos

    Fantastic story from start to end. This story as elements of the space odyssey series considering there is a strange alien artifact. To me what made and what makes this story believable is the fact it...