Slick Driver: Memories of Black Widow 14

Slick Driver: Memories of Black Widow 14


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My memories of flying helicopters in Vietnam, from the milk run resupply to Hot LZ's, "When the God's of War came flying to the battle drinking in the Joy and the Terror of men killing men."
It is all there, with the backdrop of the famous "I" corp, that area at the edge of the demilitirzed zone, up against North Vietnams border containing Hamburger hill, the Ashua Valley, Kha Sahn , all of which are sitting on or surrounded by tall jungle mountains.
I include my own thoughts about bravery and what it takes to fly into a HOT Landing Zone and hoover there while determined well-trained warriors do their best to shoot you down. You might have wondered if You have the courage to do that? I believe You do, but you havn't been in a situation where that level of courage was needed. You would be amazed to know the level of YOUR courage when the circumstances call for you to stand up, and like many of us who went through our fear and shot back at the enemy trying to kill us, combat, took on an almost holy quality. The desire to kill your enemy can be a big part of PTSD, many warriors felt it and some even feel it today. Because it was so powerful I discuss it through out the book.

Title:Slick Driver: Memories of Black Widow 14
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  • Lonnie Heidtke

    Just the truthFirst I want to say great book Bobby you​ should have published sooner. As you said all great war stories are slanted by the perspective of the individual. My memories are slightly dif...

  • Leonard

    Fun read, a good look into the early use of helicopters in the military. Army use of Lrrps, extraction and insertion. It also gave a good look into some of the cheezy way some officers worked on the j...

  • Frank Lassen

    I wasn’t fond of this book We need more men in the military who will live up to the good and moral order. Of the military and do what is right. Being the leaders we need to remember to always set a ...

  • Jim Dulin

    Good and funny war stories.Ingram is a good example of Warrant Officer mentality. I was a RLO, real live officer (commissioned officer) in Vietnam but smart enough to change to Warrant in the Guard af...

  • Jim Bowman

    Great booGreat book. Well written with a sense of humor in a place we should never have been. America's best fighting with their hands tied....

  • Mike Naden

    OkAn ok read.easy to read and at times kind of comical I probably will read more re of this authors work!...