A wolf and a sheep fall in love. They have a son that they call Woolf – he’s half wolf, half woolly sheep! This is Woolf’s story.

It’s not easy being different – not quite fitting in with one group or another. When Woolf tries to impress the wolves, he finds it fun for a while, but they’re a bit too wild. When when he tries to follow the sheep, he finds it all a bit, well, boring. Can Woolf find his own way in life and make his own friends that like him for who he is, not who he’s trying to be?

A funny and thought-provoking tale about being different.

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    Woolf Reviews

  • Anna Csala

    Fun book with interesting story and important meaning as well. Really cute and beautiful illustrations. My daughter loves it too! We read it many times....

  • Theodora Tsoli

    Εξαιρετικό !!!!!...

  • Karina

    This made me laugh so hard...but it also has a message about accepting yourself and your own quirky, weird uniqueness, and not changing yourself to fit into a clique. Loved the illustrations too!...

  • Sofia Pi

    What happens when a lone sheep and a she-wolf fall in love? A Woolf happens… It is not exactly a lamb neither is a pup but a son with the soft woolly body of his father sheep and the pointy ears of ...

  • Nicola

    In general, a good story about learning to accept yourself just as you are (and to choose friends that accept you for who you are); in specifics, an approachable way of discussing families that blend ...

  • Gabriella

    Really good message from the book about embracing who you are and difference. Although the book is a picture book and quite simple I think all children could gain alot from it....