Last Chance (Detective Beston #1)

Last Chance (Detective Beston #1)


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Described by Book Viral as a "Seductive, twisted and highly engrossing," "Last Chance" explores the psychology of identity, the power of desire--and the mechanics of revenge.

Detective Paul Beston hides his loneliness and disappointment with life behind exaggerated notions of masculinity. Smug and self-confident, he doesn't always see what's right in front of him—even when it is the man of his dreams.

When multi-millionaire Vaughn Kreisler is reported missing from his yacht, the Last Chance, Beston's prime suspect is the only person left aboard, the mysterious Amanda Mulher. As Beston doggedly investigates Kreisler's disappearance, Amanda seems amazingly indifferent to her predicament, even coming to his aid when a homophobic officer threatens his life.

The astounding truth this hapless detective eventually uncovers will shatter his preconceptions even as it offers him a “last chance” at happiness.

Title:Last Chance (Detective Beston #1)
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    Last Chance (Detective Beston #1) Reviews

  • Suze

    A quick and pacy read, that certainly feels a lot longer than the short story that it is.A lot is packed in but I never felt that it was crammed in nor was there superfluous text.Paul Beston is both a...

  • Edward Walsh

    If you like to be taken on an journey, certainly not an ordinary one then A.C. Burch has written "Last Chance" for you. Through a keen depiction of both characters and setting, Burch takes you on a ri...

  • Heather Martin

    I’m not even going to try to rate this. This first book is not technically a mystery. It has some instalove. This was a quick read and caught my attention but there’s something about the story tha...