The Billionaire Widow's Bride

The Billionaire Widow's Bride


, Romance

A mail order bride ditched at the station, a billionaire widow who is bitter with life and his three young daughters who are craving motherly love.

Fiona Brown is giddy with joy as she waits for her beloved to pick her up at Peak's Point train depot. Their new home awaits; a small farm that she and Donald Newton have bought together.

But the hours crawl by and with each hour that passes her dreams slip further away. Fiona has been conned, not just out of her money but out of the family life she had envisioned.

Help comes in the form of a position at the Burk estate. Derek Burk is a moody and frightening man. His daughters, though, are a joy and Fiona grows close to them.

Then, unexpectedly and slowly, she starts seeing another side of Derek Burk, a gentle side. Fiona starts falling in love with him. But he is the master of the house and she just a housekeeper... Will he love her back?

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 56-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Title:The Billionaire Widow's Bride
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    The Billionaire Widow's Bride Reviews

  • Paula Brown dytzel

    PassThis book is actually many books, which at first was a delight. However, many of the stories are very repetitive, with different names. Poor mistreated girl meets handsome rich man who vows to tak...

  • Tamara

    Great collection of short storiesThis was a wonderful collection of short stories. I did not remember that this book was more than one story, but I enjoyed reading each and everyone....

  • Melissa

    Sweet StoryAll of Faith Crawford's books are sweet and uplifting. She is a good author. Her stories are always interesting and the characters are entertaining....

  • Joann

    InspiringWhat an inspiration to persevere with your life when you have no family. I loved how Fiona kept an open heart....

  • Marilyn

    Goodthe stories a short and about how well being brides to unknown men in the beginning worked out to there finding happiness....

  • Lisa Seibert

    NiceAll the stories were very family stories with just enough spice to themAnd I really liked all them. And would read more of these authors...

  • Donna

    Confused. Not sure if title applies. Extra books?.....