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When two outcast dragon males meet the perfect female, their world is torn apart.

Mia is a loner, and happy that way. She has her art, and her beloved dog to keep her company. When two sexy but scary men enter her life, she’s torn between wanting them, and wanting to run away.

Steffan is a powerful and ancient dragon shifter who has spent centuries alone. His world is turned upside down when he meets a young male and a vulnerable female who need him as much as he wants them.

Aiden wants nothing more than to keep living his carefree life. He finds himself falling fast and hard for Mia and Steffan, and it terrifies him.

Three damaged people face a battle between their powerful attraction for one another and their own demons.
Can they overcome their fears and struggles and forge a future together?

Mia is a stand alone dragon shifter novel. It is a MMF love story and contains a HEA.

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    Mia Reviews

  • Ana

    Another Havsa sibling is found, but it won't be easy getting this loner away from the only life she's ever known near the oceanMia has alway known there is something different about her, but she's bee...

  • Cherri-Anne

    Two males are better than one. 5 LOVE BITESit sounds like my idea of heaven. I’ve always wanted a threesome. HOLY DRAGON'S FIRE!! Now THIS is one FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME book!! Truly DRAGONTACULAR!! I...

  • Seraphia

    Mia: Dragon Clan by Skye Jones is book 2 in her Dragon Clan series. In this book we are introduced to Mia who like, Claire aka Ice, is a latent dragon shifter but doesn't know what she is due to her h...

  • Jolene Dretzka

    The second installment of Skye Jones' Dragon Clan series was just as good as the first. It continues the secondary story of Ice (aka Claire) looking for her family, but primarily focuses on her sister...

  • Beverly Diehl

    Having read the first book in this series, I couldn't really imagine how this would be that different. Two hot dragon men shifters, their unaware-she's-a-dragon partner - nice, I never get tired of ho...

  • Amber

    What a crazy journey that was for Mia. Who didn’t know her place in the world and she was already being followed by the Welch Clan. Mia had no idea what was about to happen especially with the two u...

  • carlisle

    LackingDecent book. The couple doesn’t have any natural chemistry like Ice does with her males. I’d like to think that if there was someone out there who was biologically compatible with me, that ...

  • Marlena

    This series is pretty dang good so far. A little predictable, but that's what you get these days with dragon-fated mates romance novels. The characters are what make this so good. Dynamic back stories...

  • Stakie

    The book was good and if you read the first, which I hope you did if you are reading this one, it followed along with the old story, even getting to see the old characters interact with the new ones. ...

  • Janice Rose

    Gotta love Dragon shifters Not a bad book! Can be read alone or as a series.Adult rating. Was a bit disappointed that there was not a lot of focus on the Dragon aspect in any detail....