AAA Handbook on Mediation
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AAA Handbook on Mediation


It is with both pride and pleasure that the Penn State University
Dickinson School of Law and the Institute for Arbitration Law and
Practice present the AAA HANDBOOK ON MEDIATION. Each of the
HANDBOOKS in the series contains recent important publications on the
subject matter of that HANDBOOK, written by authors who are recognized
specialists in that area. Often the authors have both national and
international reputations in the area. The contributions cover a wide array
of topics that are of substantial interest in the field and provide
analytically thorough, professional, and practical answers to problems
that have emerged in the field.

The articles were selected from an extensive body of writings and, in
the main, represent world-class assessments of mediation and practice.
All the major facets of the field are addressed. The articles provide the
reader with comprehensive and accurate information, lucid evaluations,
and an indication of future developments. They not only acquaint, but
also ground the reader in the field.

The American Arbitration Association, Juris Publishing, Inc., and
Penn State welcome the opportunity to provide readers with a body of
knowledge and interpretation that will allow them to take an active and
effective part in Mediation. Mediation is rapidly emerging as one of
the new vehicles for alternative justice—both domestically and

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