Assassin's Quest

Assassin's Quest


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Fitz is about to discover the truth about the Fool's prophecy.
Having been resurected from his fatal tortures in Regal's dungeons, Fitz has once more foiled the Prince's attempts to be rid of him.

Now, restored to his own body, Fitz begins the painful, slow process of learning to be a man again. He must learn to cast off the wild ways of the wolf and return to the human world: a world beset ever more by the relentless Red Ships Raiders who are now free to plunder any coastal town they please. But more immediately, a world in which Fitz finds he is utterly alone.

Regal has stripped the kingdom of its riches and retired to the inland city of Tradeford. Of Verity, on his quest to find the legendary Elderlings, there has been no word; Molly, Kettricken and the Fool have all vanished.
Unless Fitz can find Verity and help him in his quest, the Six Duchies will perish and there will be no safe place to live.

Title:Assassin's Quest
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    Assassin's Quest Reviews

  • Regan

    im... not okay...

  • Petrik

    This review won’t be pretty, I’m severely disappointed with this installment. I don’t know if this is considered an unpopular opinion or not but if it is, I’m warning anyone who’s a fan of t...

  • Melissa ? Dog/Wolf Lover ? Martin

    All the stars for Nighteyes!Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾...

  • Muhtasin Fuad

    Assassin's Quest (Farseer Trilogy,#3 Realm of the Elderlings,#3)Much sadness and mishap are packed into this trilogy. Didn't expect the trilogy to be as sad as it was. It seems to like this one a bit ...

  • Virginia Ronan ? Herondale ?

    ”Death is always at the edge of now. Nighteyes’ thought was gentle. Death stalks us, and he is ever sure of his kill. It is not a thing to dwell on, but it is something we all know, in our guts an...

  • Markus

    Buddy read with Alexa!It’s a hard thing to do to constantly force yourself onward in a series that has never managed to fully catch your interest, just waiting for it to improve. And then to reach t...

  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~

    Actual Rating: 2.5 StarsThough it pains me to say this, Assassin's Quest is the weakest installment of the Farseer Trilogy. It's not necessarily a bad book but I am pretty split down the middle on thi...

  • jessica

    my reading resolution for this year is try to complete the many series i have started but havent finished. and i really hope this book isnt a sign of things to come. either a) i waited too long betwee...

  • Sean Barrs

    Robin Hobb certainly knows how to deliver a spectacular conclusion. The build-up going into these final chapters was immense; she draws the plot out so much that when the ending does arrive, it’s al...

  • James Tivendale

    Fitz, the presumed dead assassin's apprentice, whose tales have now become the stuff of legend in the Six Duchies is a beaten and battered remnant of his former self. He survived death with the help o...