Forgotten Trails

Forgotten Trails


, 2016

When a Native American Salish woman seeks out her past, she must challenge her beliefs in herself and her family or lose her chance at love.

Rachiah has always prided herself in her heritage in the Salish community in northwestern Montana. When she finds out her dad isn’t her biological father, Rachiah determines it’s time to find out the truth everyone has kept hidden.

Damon has hurt a girl like Rachiah in the past. His need to make it up to her and assuage his guilt overwhelms him, forcing him to pursue a friendship with Rachiah when her aloofness would normally discourage him from trying further.

Will Damon’s need to fix his guilty past mess with Rachiah’s need to find herself? Or will they both diminish into the forgotten world of what-ifs and ranches?

Grab the next installment of the Montana Trails series and get roped into a family saga worth risking your heart for!

Title:Forgotten Trails
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    Forgotten Trails Reviews

  • Beverly

    Forgotten TrailsI felt like I had stepped into the middle of a story with a cast of characters that I did not know. I struggled thru trying to organize how they all fit together. Maybe I needed to sta...

  • Kerry

    Wow. Again Bonnie pulls you into this story and whisks you right back into the family. This is Rachiah and Damon's story and takes place around the same time frame as book four, Hidden Trails. Rachiah...

  • DM Pennington

    Stars: 4Chapters: Prologue + 18 + EpilogueEnding: Cliffhanger, HEASeries: The Montana Trails – Book 5Review: This book in the series deals a lot with interracial relationships. Especially between Ra...

  • Robin

    This was a sweet, well-written book. This book can be read as a standalone story, though it is #5 in the Montana Trails series. Rachiah is proud of her heritage in the Salish community. She finds out ...

  • Diane

    I received a free book in exchange for an honest review. This is the fifth book in the series and it is getting better learning all about each character and getting to know them. I will be sorry when ...

  • Susan Shearer

    Forgotten Trials by Bonnie R. Paulson was about finding out who you are and how to deal with who you are. Chasing after a father she didn’t know Rachiah left her life behind on a journey to learn wh...

  • Kandice

    I don't think these books work as standalones. I read 1 and skipped until this #5. It felt jumpy and hard to follow without the context of the other books and what i hope they provide. I didn't love b...

  • Anne Blyth

    Who am I really? A question that has been asked by many people. Rachiah’s search for her true identity and her developing feelings for Damon takes us on a soul searching ride. Damon is battling his ...

  • Aj

    Fantastic book! While they've all been family oriented, this one seemed even more driven by the concept. Rachiah has a lot to face in this book about family and herself. Damon has ghosts of his own. I...

  • Mary

    This is a much happier story in the series. There is still drama and angst, but it's also sweet. Damon is interesting, he's guilt ridden about things that happened in high school and that makes him ve...