Swag in Savannah

Swag in Savannah

“If you like clean cozy mysteries, you’ll love the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series”

“Swag in Savannah” is Book 4 in the Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series


Carlita Garlucci is thrilled that her son, Tony, has arrived in Savannah to help with the opening of their new pawnshop, "Savannah Swag." While giving her son a tour of the property, they stumble upon a hidden trap door that leads to an undiscovered basement with a tunnel.

Curious to find out where the tunnel leads, Tony breaks through the wall and discovers underground passageways rumored to have been used by pirates to smuggle their stolen goods into the historic city. While exploring the tunnel, the Garluccis find skeletal remains with ties to a darker secret that has been hidden behind the tunnel walls.

The gruesome discovery causes Carlita to wonder what other secrets her property holds. Despite her insistence they reseal the tunnel, Carlita’s children convince her to leave it open long enough for them to explore the passageways as they attempt to solve a decades old mystery.

They quickly discover that the secrets hidden underground are tied not only to the previous owners of her property, but also implicate Carlita's deceased husband, Vinnie.

Will Carlita and her children be able to clear Vinnie's name, or will their snooping around incriminate him even more?

The Made in Savannah Cozy Mysteries Series does not contain foul language, sex, or gore...Just clean, cozy mysteries!"

Title:Swag in Savannah
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    Swag in Savannah Reviews

  • Stacy M. Patton

    Once again Hope Callaghan has done it again! She has made this delightful NY / newly transplanted Savannah residences into crime sleuthing neighbors. I usually get bored with series and often find mys...

  • hana

    Another delightful read from Hope Callaghan.Carlita Garlucci is thrilled that her son, Tony, has arrived in Savannah to help with the opening of their new pawnshop, "Savannah Swag." They discover a tr...

  • Kathy

    IntrudersCarlita Garlucci and her family are about to open their new pawn shop, when they discover a trapdoor to the cellar under their property. The cellar led to a tunnel and in a poorly hidden alco...

  • Debra Hahn

    Mafia,Jewels, and PriatesWhat does this all add up too? Another Hope Callaghan mystery, thats what. She moves to Savannah to get away from the Mafia, ordid she. Did it follow her to hunt her and her f...

  • Valerie Irwin

    I'm hooked on yet another Hope Callahan series!I believe I have read nearly every thing hope Callahan has written! It's amazing to me how within one book you can become so attached to the characters i...

  • Ellen White

    Tony telling his Mother that Vinnie her oldest was on the run from the mafia.He gave one of the don’s a lousy insider tip. She was going to open her shop soon, and trying to think of a name, Love th...

  • Virginia Aikens

    Great Quick, Cozy ReadI highly recommend this series. Good characters, entertaining plot, and at least one side character that I love to hate. Plus it is a quick and upbeat read, just like the other C...

  • Esther Mokriakow

    A fun read I've read the Garden Girls series and Cruise Ship series and loved every book. The first couple Savannah Series book were good too. This book started out good but I found it hard to keep re...

  • Annette Aguilar

    Awesome story full of weird and wacky characters! Love all the characters especially the crazy neighbor, everyone knows someone just like her! Lots of fun, misadventures, mystery, and chaos! The famil...

  • Kat Taylor

    Old finds Now this is a nice layed back cozey the colourful caracters and comic relief here and there made for a fun mystery ,I also always enjoy fallowing the mundane family drama behind all the intr...