Tales from The Lake Vol. 3

Tales from The Lake Vol. 3


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Dive into the deep end of the lake with 19 tales of terror, selected by Monique Snyman.

Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe.

Join “Maybelle” by Mere Joyce in a world where books become real enough to cause both pleasure and pain. Avoid the sounds of “The Cruel” by Harper Hull, lest you want to come to a terrifying end. Travel across the world to see what terrors lurk in an abandoned hospital with “Hush” by Sergio Pereira.

This non-themed horror anthology is filled with suspenseful stories, terrifying thrillers, tragic tales, mystifying mysteries, and memorable adventures that will leave you wanting more. Let these modern urban legends prickle your imagination, share it around a campfire, and revel in the magic of Crystal Lake’s exceptional authors.

Foreword by the editor, Monique Snyman.

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Title:Tales from The Lake Vol. 3
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    Review: TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL. 3 edited by Monique Snyman [Crystal Lake Publishing]Every anthology I've had the immense pleasure of devouring from Crystal Lake Publishing has been highest quality. T...

  • H. J.

    The third volume of Tales from the Lake showcases delivers a great collection of talent from around the globe. One story can easily be set in a small town in Ireland while the next could be set somewh...

  • Tere Fredericks

    I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. Now, anyone who knows me knows I read very fast, thankfully remembering what I have read (unless it is a textbook then out my ears it goes).This one too...

  • Yvonne Davies

    I am going to start off with a confession, I have not read any of the other Tales from the Lake. So what is this book about. It’s a book that holds 19 of the most weird and amazing stories that you ...

  • Jan Strydom

    I have read myself many a short story collection. Many of them had their share of great stories as well as a few duds and one or so that could've been better. However having taken this little trip to ...

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    Another great offering from Crystal Lake Publishing, see my full review here...https://horrornovelreviews.com/2016/0......

  • Eddie Generous

    Unnerving Magazine - ReviewCrystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 edited by Monique Snyman, carries an intended theme, legends. This in itself is tempting the fates of unoriginality. T...

  • Thomas Joyce

    The first story, ‘The Owl Builder’, by D. Morgan Ballmer concerns two cousins, Travis and Ashlynn, discussing the whereabouts of Ashlynn’s missing mother and a local myth, the Owl Builder. As th...

  • Ryan

    4.5 I can always count on crystal lake publishing as a ‘go to’ for dark fiction and fantasy needs. This specific collection didn’t let me down, though the first few stories lacked some of the im...

  • Ray Gates

    Unfortunately there weren't any real standout stories in this collection. Worse, after the first hundred or so pages the stories became quite difficult to read - the editing definitely should have bee...