Memories Of My Future

Memories Of My Future


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Look into the past and you can change the future. In Memories Of My Future, Dr. Avinash Singh is the type of surgeon that other physicians envy, and has the world in his hands. That is until tragedy strikes—and it’s a tragedy that puts him on the ropes, forcing him to revisit his greatest nightmares. It makes him realize that the successful life he had been living has been a façade. To overcome this, he will have to take a glimpse into the past and begin a journey that will teach him where true strength comes from.

Along the way, he will see the heroism in his bloodline. He will witness the story of the first nation to defeat Genghis Khan’s army. He will walk alongside the revolutionary whose love for his wife was so strong that even the mighty British Empire could not break it. But the true message Avinash will realize is that the greatest gift Man has is their mind. And once the mind is unlocked, all the answers to Man’s problems will be right before their eyes.

What Readers are Saying:
"I have been reading books by and about South Asians this year, and this one was a light, inspirational one. I love the authors' belief in the beauty and strength of multiculturalism."

"Great reading for anyone wanting an uplifting novel. The history of a person's ancestry could be inspiring for the descendants. This story can help anyone who reads it. It shows what faith in self and others, and the infinite to universe can do. If only the human world can understand that love can conquer all and PEACE can prevail."

Title:Memories Of My Future
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    Memories Of My Future Reviews

  • Joe B.

    MEMORIES OF MY FUTURE is a great book focused on the themes of coexistence, courage, and selflessness. It starts off with Dr. Avinash Singh, a man who is broken and faced with an impossible task. From...

  • Alex Hudson

    Modern Day EpicThis is a modern day epic tale. It passes over generations, showing us the similarities between past generations and us. It shows us that problems we face today may take different forms...

  • Lael Braday

    Surgeon Avinash Singh loses a child during surgery to heart failure caused by a new virus. Having accepted always being the best at everything he does, this harsh reality devastates him. His nurse Mar...

  • Z. Courtney

    With the current virus gripping the nation and world, the whole plot about the rare heart disease and the way that Dr. Avinash Singh figures out how to cure it really resonated with me. Hopefully the ...

  • Victoria

    A very human novel. The authors' greatest trick is to weave such a believable story that you actually imagine that all the characters are real. You feel genuine sorrow when he describes a death, genui...

  • Megan

    This book evoked every possible emotion in me, including hope, despair, shock, anger, disgust, fear, disbelief, and heart ache. I was literally sitting on the edge of my couch as I read this book. Itâ...

  • Anna

    This is definitely one of the best books I have read. The writing is so compelling that I couldn't put it down early on in the story. It's beautiful and heartbreaking. So elegantly written. Vivid desc...

  • Chris Williams

    Ammar has crafted a delightful story. It features a gifted cardiac surgeon who fails to save a young girl from a viral heart disease. Avinash Singh is driven to find a cure and draws upon the stories ...

  • Macey

    This is a beautifully crafted story about the power of coexistence and tapping into one's potential. I enjoyed the protagonist's physical, mental, and spiritual journey as he goes from a broken man wr...

  • Zaffar Khan

    Such a powerful story that needs to be read by millions in today's world. Though it explores the history of India/Pakistan, the novel is really about the importance of coexistence and the importance o...