Playing with Danger! (Mind Freak #1)

Playing with Danger! (Mind Freak #1)


Sam is a 12 year old boy with a special power, a very cool, very unique type of mind power that most kids would love to have. No, he is not a mind reader, but he is capable of something else which at times he struggles to control. The other kids think he's strange and tend to avoid him. Sam becomes used to his loner status at school but when a very pretty girl moves in next door, everything changes.

He finds that before his new neighbor, Tess arrived, life was a whole lot simpler. He is now the number one target of the school bully, Jake Collins, who has also taken an interest in Tess. With no other option, Sam is forced to teach him a lesson.

But does he go too far and does Tess find out what Sam is actually capable of?

This suspenseful book for kids will have you captivated from start to finish. If you love reading about kids with special powers and you enjoyed my series called Mind Reader, then you are sure to enjoy this series too. It is an exciting story for both girls and boys,

Title:Playing with Danger! (Mind Freak #1)
Edition Language:English
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  • rachel soyele

    AWESOMEIt was so good I hope there are more books like this free you are the beast author ever keep writing books...

  • Elliott

    Mind Freak is a chapter book for children aged 8 - 13. It tells the story of Sam, a twelve-year-old telekinetic boy. His father abandoned the family, so he lives with his mother, who is a psychic. Sam...

  • Zara dieobi

    CoolThis book is real coolKeep up the good work up Will read the next one Well done Katrina Kahler...

  • Kat Taylor

    Tessa and Sam Ms.Kahler has written an amazing storey for children from a point of view of two adolescents struggling with life issues and bullying one has a special secret the other trying to make se...