Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion

Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion


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Every day, billions of photographs, news stories, songs, X-rays, TV shows, phone calls, and emails are being scattered around the world as sequences of zeroes and ones: bits. We can’t escape this explosion of digital information and few of us want to–the benefits are too seductive. The technology has enabled unprecedented innovation, collaboration, entertainment, and democratic participation.

But the same engineering marvels are shattering centuries-old assumptions about privacy, identity, free expression, and personal control as more and more details of our lives are captured as digital data.

Can you control who sees all that personal information about you? Can email be truly confidential, when nothing seems to be private? Shouldn’t the Internet be censored the way radio and TV are? Is it really a federal crime to download music? When you use Google or Yahoo! to search for something, how do they decide which sites to show you? Do you still have free speech in the digital world? Do you have a voice in shaping government or corporate policies about any of this?

Blown to Bits offers provocative answers to these questions and tells intriguing real-life stories. This book is a wake-up call to the human consequences of the digital explosion.

Preface xiii

Chapter 1: Digital Explosion: Why Is It Happening, and What Is at Stake? 1
Chapter 2: Naked in the Sunlight: Privacy Lost, Privacy Abandoned 19
Chapter 3: Ghosts in the Machine: Secrets and Surprises of Electronic Documents 73
Chapter 4: Needles in the Haystack: Google and Other Brokers in the Bits Bazaar 109
Chapter 5: Secret Bits: How Codes Became Unbreakable 161

Chapter 6: Balance Toppled: Who Owns the Bits? 195
Chapter 7: You Can’t Say That on the Internet: Guarding the Frontiers of Digital Expression 229
Chapter 8: Bits in the Air: Old Metaphors, New Technologies, and Free Speech 259

Conclusion: After the Explosion 295
Appendix: The Internet as System and Spirit 301
Endnotes 317
Index 347

Title:Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion
Edition Language:English
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    Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion Reviews

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    I've expected more philosophy and possible predictions rather than a horror for housewives. Every IT man considers a content as a truism. All described things and events might be scared, however, beli...

  • Iris

    Educational and explains complicated topics very well, but some of the information felt pretty outdated. I liked the chapter on encryption and cryptography the best....

  • ????

    Just published a translation of the book by Mazyar Publishing....

  • Cathy

    The only reason I read this book is because I had to read it for a OneBook project where I work. The first two chapters weren't so bad, but after that it went downhill. You really have to be in the co...

  • Aubrey

    This was a well written book with interesting information that filled up way too many pages. The authors wrote in a language that many people would understand, which I appreciate. However, the topics ...

  • Hallie Mae

    HORRIBLE! Very long and over explained, also outdated by 11 years...

  • Ali  M.

    This was a book that focused on the implications of the digital explosions since the widespread adoption of the internet, how this new world is different, and some of the challenges that lie ahead. It...

  • Mikko Delos Santos

    This book is an absolute mindblower. Your mind will literally be blown to bits—trust me. I am amazed by how much information and uneasiness each chapter gave me. Did you know hotel companies give ro...

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    Bits are Bit. Even if they are transmitted through electrons in copper wires or light in fiber optical cables or via modulation in radio waves. All of these carry bits and run the world. This book cov...

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